Removing audiobus intermediate out files from garageband interapp audio instrument list

When i choose to use an interapp audio instrument, i have many audiobus intermediate out files listed. How can i remove these files?
Please see attached screen shot.
Thanks !


  • I think this is just how GarageBand displays the choices. Most apps list one Audiobus choice that expands to let you pick from the multiple inputs. I don’t think there is an option in Settings to change this in GargeBand.
    I guess if it really bugs you, you could delete the apps from your iPad that you don’t want to see as choices. It only shows what is installed and available.

  • Hey cracklepot ... thanks for responding ... but ... this may be more of a garageband/ipad question. i have attached a second screenshot. Normally, there are a list of possible audio unit instruments in the dropdown, i have all my instiments and many audiobus intermediate files. These seem like files created by prior audiobus uses. I could remove and reinstall audiobus, but there must also be a way to remove them ? Or if i unintall/ reinstall ... to only create them when i want to. Im sure i did something wrong to get all of these ... as they are unintentional ...

  • Could it be that GarageBand project somehow 'remembers' each AudioBus-IAA connection it has made?
    How many GB projects do you have and does it match the number of the Audiobus Intermediate Out's?

  • I have the same thing happening in Garage Band. I have never used Audiobus as an instrument in Garage Band, but I have inputs 0-15 listed individually, just like you. Also, every other app that has multiple inputs lists them all in Garage Band. You can see the multiple Different Drummer inputs above the Audiobus inputs here:

    Here is Patterning. Same thing:

    Here is AUM in GarageBand. Same thing again:

    But here is AUM in Audiobus. It shows one item with an arrow to open another panel:

    Then that next panel shows the multi inputs for AUM only:

    So it seems to be another Garage Band quirk, but not really broken. Just annoying. Or not.
    Good luck with this. If you figure out how to change it, let us know.

  • Thanks again Craclepot ... i guess i will endure and remain annoyed ... small price to pay for AudioBus ...

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