Acorn Masterkey 49

Using ipad-air2 11.2.5 getting the message (This Accessorie is not supported by this IPAD) —while the keyboard is not top of line and uses usb power via the pad,it seemed fine before the last update ,this is of course antidotel but just wondering if anyone has experienced this recently ? Thanks in advance ——greenie


  • I get the same message with my Alesis iodock. I can usually get it to work after shutting everything down and starting up again. I’m wondering if the iOS version has outgrown the hardware.

  • Solved USB3 cck. While I read the forum every day I must cat-napped the suggestion of this solution,so simple. I kind of picked up the powered hub chat and there it was ,so obvious.

  • I own that keyboard, and it's working for me on iOS 11.2, so I hope that when I update it doesn't suddenly require me to buy the new CCK.

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