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Focusrite 18i8 with multiple apps and multiple fx hangs audiobus

I have two keyboards triton and microkorg xl 1 drum machine boss dr 808 1 sound module roland JV1010 1 guitar and a mic connected to audio channels of focusrite 18i8 2nd gen. Connected to my ipad2 using audiobus to loop with looptree and it works wells.

My problem arises when i activate the ios apps (korg sound module, sample tank, jam, harmony) in the string, audiobus became unstable.

Korg sound module app and Sample tank attached to microkorg xl+ for addtl sound connected via 5 dinn

The guitar is connected to jam app. The mic is connected to harmony fx.

If one of the ios apps is active, the other apps either it deactivates, hangs or will produce crack sounds under audiobus environment.

I tested korg sound module outside audiobus and it runs well together with the audio inputs instrument. If these ios apps running outside audiobus it cannot be looped under looptree

Need your advice?


  • If you really mean iPad 2, that is 6 year old iPad and unfortunately it does not have the power to do a lot of music apps at the same time.

    When I was working on iPad 2 I could run 1 input, 1 effect, and 1 output in Audiobus but not more than that. And I had to set audio frame rate to 512 just to get that to work.

    It sounds like what you are trying to do is just more than an iPad 2 can handle. It will crash every time.

  • You should try to simplify your setup if you are really using an iPad 2. Your description of your setup brought this to mind:

  • Noted thanks for the advice. Currently im saving up for the latest ipad version. For the meantime. I will just maximize what is working now, using audio inputs and use one ios app inside audiobus. I will replace ios apps with old hardware gears at the moment e.g korg ax5g instead of jam app. Boss ve 20 instead of harmony fx. In this way, invoming audio effects are recorded in the looptree.

    Korg module will run outside audiobus. Sample tank is the only ios app running inside audiobus.

  • raise the buffer to 512?

    I also always found sample tank to be super crashy....

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