OT: Arturia Keystep <—> Ableton Sync, HELP!

Having real trouble getting these to play nicely together. Keystep sync'd to USB, Live outputting clock. I get it exactly in time with the metronome on one track (drums, see attached) and when I come to immediately record something else it's almost a 32nd out. Driving me crazy, can anyone see I'm doing something wrong, or could it be a faulty unit?


  • that midi clock sync delay is suspect, try it at zero first, then expect to set it near 1 ms to get perfection

    i think midi clock type = song is more appropriate but i might be wrong

  • Don't have a keystep here but people have reported fixing this by setting the clock rate on the device to 'step' in the midi control centre software editor. Might be worth trying?

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