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Recording Guitarism with Meteor

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Had a go recording Guitarism through Jamup into Meteor, rounded it off with a lead melody using Thumbjam played from Geo Synth. Not terribly original, I just went with the flow, but I did get to play with Meteor's EQ, fx and mix automation feature.


  • Hey PaulB, I like it. Interesting rhythm. Dreamy, swooshy guitars, what's not to like. Oh I love that trumpet sound, what app is it from.

  • That's Thumbjam, but played from Geo Synth.

  • I don't have Geo Synth, and I'm interested in how you're using it to record in Audiobus when it's not Audiobus compatible yet. Are you quickly switching apps to it after hitting record in Meteor or something, and the virtual MIDI from Thumbjam is then recorded when you're playing it with Geo Synth?

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    That's exactly what I did. I made sure I had a 2 bar count-in in Meteor, which gave me plenty of time to switch to Geo to be ready to start playing. I also did this for a couple of punch-ins, as I didn't get all the way through without making mistakes. It's actually audio from Thumbjam, the MIDI was from Geo Synth, which I didn't record.

  • Very mellow - nicely done!

  • Sounds pretty epic, like the prologue to a big medieval battle scene...

  • It's actually the nicest acoustic guitar sound I ever got in a recording. I was going for something similar to that Pink Floyd guitar sound at the beginning of Dogs.

  • @PaulB Glad to hear it! :)

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