Bluetooth as audiobus OUTPUT

I know no musical app wants to enable bluetooth audio, because of the high latency and not so good quality... but in some scenarios i would like to use bluetooth audio connection. for instance, i could work with loopy, creating layers of ambient sounds that do not need to be on sync, or be rhythmically accurate.
but there would be many other positive things.

it would be a great thing that audiobus detects when there's a bluetooth audio device connected, and just offer it as a possible output.

what do you think??


  • Can you elaborate on how you would use this? I realize you mentioned Loopy running without a need for sync, but I'm struggling to understand where this could be used.

  • Bluetooth keyboards also work with Loopy to trigger actions, but if you're wanting bluetooth audio, rather than bluetooth control, there are some things that are under development for very low latency, but I don't know of anything that's rolled out yet.

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    example 1:
    one week ago i did a performance in a church, only by recording live and looping some of the sounds produced by small bells or the furnishing. letting them in the background for a cello player to improvise over them. no need at all the sounds to be in sync. i had to move with a cable, it was a pain in the ass. i would have loved a bluetooth audio connection.

    example 2:
    for a theatrical play i had to record live the voices of the performers, only small sentences, which were looped one over another during a certain amount of time. no need at all of accuracy in the timing. i had to use a very expensive wireless send and receiver. would have loved the bluetooth connection.

    example 3:
    sometimes in my concerts, before i sit to play my cello, i start creating a layered background of voices, they are just some whispered voices. i like to do it walking among the audience. the voices don't need to be in sync. having in one hand the mic, and in another my idevice, without any cables, would be so cool and practical.

    in general, any looping work or musical performance which is intended to be "atmospheric" and not rhythmical, would be perfectly realizable using a bluetooth connection. and it would open new interesting and creative possibilities.

    i don't think it would be very difficult to implement a "bluetooth out" in the out tabs of audiobus. it makes all sense for me.

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    I'm not sure bluetooth audio would be of any use for me because of the latency. Bluetooth midi on the other hand would be a great thing to get working. It already exists as an app (bluemidi) for midi connections between ios device and host computers/daws, but I think it would be cool if I could get midi from one ios device to another through bluetooth. Also it would be great if somebody made a powered usb midi to bluetooth box to send usb midi controller data to ios devices wirelessly. I wonder if there would be latency issues, though. Bit of a threadjack there, sorry...

  • Bluetooth audio is an absolute necessity for Sound Design when you don't want to use headphones- my iPad 4 had decent enough sound ... But read up on the iPad Air 2's speakers ... They are God awful no matter how many units I swapped out ! Everyone is complaining & they hyped the treble & midrange & the bass is tinny & muddy .... So yes absolutely us Sound Designers REALLY need the Bluetooth support added to Audiobus & there are great bluetooth speakers out there & some synth & effects apps already support it like Waldorf Nave & So many others -- So Please offer us that feature ... Thank you :)

  • Oh & um can someone tell me how to change my username ? ;) I don't see an option to do it & it's not my bands name anymore

  • I believe this issue is that apps allow recording into them can't support Bluetooth output on newer versions of iOS. So Nave can support but Loopy can not. Audiobus can't either. Could be wrong there but I think this is a feature request for Apple, not Audiobus.

  • Hmm not sure either but I can't think of a reason (then again I'm not a coder) why in Audiobus being the host -can't have the ability regardless of the apps hosted -to output audio over Bluetooth ...would love to hear from the Audiobus developers on this & hell I'd pay as an IAP to be able to do this & OH I havnt noticed any latency at all -but maybe I got lucky with the speaker I use

  • I'd be another who would love this option. Traveling a lot and having prepared a travel kit (portable keys, ipad and a jambox) if I could sometimes not have to wear would be ideal.

  • I don't understand the two posters above who said they wanted Bluetooth output so they wouldn't have to use headphones. Anything that can be done with Bluetooth can also be done with a stereo cable with 1/8" jacks.

  • I thought it was a matter that if you use BT, you are stuck with BT tx and couldn't use BT for tx and expect to rx on the mic input, or vice versa. I'm not sure how well BTLE handles audio, from a latency and bandwidth perspective, particularly with tx and rx at the same time. I imagine you could tx BT midi from a controller and send BT audio to reduce the processing, but there still aren't that many controllers available that tx BTLE midi, afaik.

  • I should have said Bluetooth audio. If you can listen with your headphones, you don't need Bluetooth audio to run your sound to a speaker.

  • It would also be Amazing to be able to record Loopy projects and listen to them or play them LATER via bluetooth. As a live artist It would be nice to have this AVAILABLE! :-)

  • @Michael....
    is this possible?
    try 2weeks ago a little BeatsBTSpeaker.....
    with TJ standalone, yeah it works, latency for sure, but really funny to use it wireless!

    AB doesnt work.
    is it a Apple restriction?
    or AB?

  • Another request for Bluetooth audio support here. Really would be very nice to get hopefully soonish?

  • AUM has it. Put AUM in output slot if you really need BT audio support.

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