Stormy monday cover( amplitube + self-a-fuzz)

Played with amplitube hendrix marshall model +seff-a-fuzz.


  • Excellent, as I've come to expect from you @flo26 ! The only thing better than the great tone is the great playing!! I'm never sure if I should run out out and get the apps or the Luke or the Quartet or just throw in the towel on guitar and stick to listening.

  • Enjoy,and love the music!! She will give you what you give her!!
    It's not about gear!
    Have fun!! And thank you soo much!!

  • The Self-a-Fuzz is so great. I love it

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    Hi @flo26

    I have two questions:

    1. How did you route Amplitube into Self-a-Fuzz? Was it AB2 or 3, or maybe AUM, or a DAW? I bought Self-a-Fuzz but don't own MultiTrack DAW yet. Does it host these other apps with IAA or something? I'm lost.

    2. Do you just have the "Fender Collection 2" & Hendrix Marshall model IAP's in Amplitube or did you buy "Fender Collection 1" also. I see there is a "Fender Max" IAP available that contains both but I wonder if both are good or just the new one. I wish there was a single bundle that included all available amps and effects at once. Looks like they haven't offered that since 2014. SampleTank is like that too, too many confusing IAP bundle options IMHO.

    Anyway, I have the guitar plugged in to the Jam 96K and its gonna be a rockin' night here! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Hi,
    I use AB2.i select input 1 in the first slot,self a fuzz in the 2nd slot,followed'by amplitube( always in the 2nd slot,and,at least,MTdaw as an output.all this is very simple.
    I own all IAP's.fender 1 is really nice.fender 2 is mindblowing!!
    Amplitube has really become my number 1 guitar app ( ampkit is really good too).
    Hope it helps a little bit!!

  • Thanks! I like Ampkit too, great for heavy stuff and cool effects. Love Tonestack also. And AmpOne, OverLoud, Saturn, the new Self-A-Fuzz, etc. We have much to be thankful for in IOS as guitarists now!

  • Totally agree!

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