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Beatmaker 2 asleep on the Bus?

edited February 2013 in Support and Feedback

Anyone noticed Beatmaker 2 in Audiobus as a selectable output ?

Or has it always been there ?



  • edited February 2013

    It's the second time I've noticed it, but thers word on Beatmaker forum that its ready and should be uploaded next week. Better hurry up and wake up before they miss their stop.

  • How's it stack up against Cubasis ?

  • I bought Cubasis yesterday and imo it blows Beatmaker into the dust in terms of workflow.I won't go back although the Drumsampler is still a killer.Maybe i use the Drumsampler as a "single instrument "in Cubasis when updated to Audiobus :)

    the BM workflow still feels too much like an iPhone app imo.And while i appreciate the developers effort it seems they often don't know what musicians need.A good example is the addition of Sends that everybody wanted.Great they added this but made it only pre fader first and they cutted the mixer fader to half of their size for the send knobs.Pain in the ass to use the mixer now,

  • I'm adapting to using the best of IOS apps, thanks to AB.

  • @mgmg4871 where did you read BM2 was getting the audiobus update next week?

  • On forum page.

  • 3rd down. That was almost 2 weeks ago. I'm still not sure that makes it imminent. They were supposed to be one of the originals....

  • How come beat maker is 500 megs?

  • @Ian thanks, I saw that as well. haven't heard of any confirmation that it was submitted to the App Store yet. can't wait

  • @Ryan tons of samples included in the download

  • @hypoetical Can I get it without the samples? LOL (i know i can't) 500 megs is too much.. I only have one iPad and at this point I barely have enough space to record my songs.. Much less on my iPhone. ;-)

  • @Ryan tell me about it, I have never used the samples included. such a waste of space.

  • @hypoetical Well maybe I'll ask the devs for a lite version. I'm sure a lot of people would like that :-)

  • edited February 2013

    @hypoetical. I thought it was a pretty reliable source coming from Derek Buddemeyer whose doing some testing with AB compatible Beatmaker 2.

  • @Ryan

    Huge drum library included & it's keyboard synths are sample based too.

    If you've yet to make the jump on any of the other sequencing/recording options I have a sneaking feeling this will offer the best value of the bunch. It's not going to match the combined abilities of Cubasis & Auria, but at $20 against the combined cost of $100 for Cubasis & Auria it shouldn't be expected to either.

    Plus Beatmaker will be the only app to offer both sequencing & recording via Audiobus on an iPhone.

  • @ryan, you can delete all the samples with something like iFunbox.

  • @jonmoore Yeah.. Going to be a long time before i get either Cubasis or Auria... I did however buy Meteor.. and not going to lie... It's pretty freaking awesome for what i need it for.. The volume and effects automation is kickass. I can swing $20 for BM2 but I just can't afford the space it'll take at this time, especially on iPhone.. I sent the Devs an email explaining my situation and asking for a lite version.. We'll see what they say.

    @syrupcore I was going to ask if i could delete them but I figured I couldn't like most apps.. Interesting. Still though I'll see what the devs say about a lite version first.. I don't have the $20 for another two weeks anyways.. so lots of time. :-))

  • @mgmg4871 thx man, really pumped for the update.

  • @hypoetical I am also. Exciting times.

  • Don't like to dampen anything but that Derek Buddemeyer post was 17 December.

  • @syrupcore You can't delete original samples. I tried once on a jailbroken iPad. But the thing is after deletion, the space that samples occupied is not released, I don't know why.
    I complained the useless samples on Intua forum, but it seemed that dev didn't give much attention. It is very easy to resolve though--optional download samples.

  • @Ian his latest post on Intua forum was Feb 2 saying Beatmaker 2 was ready.

  • I have Beatmaker 2 and initially thought it was kind of a pain to use. It wasn't all that intuitive. Now I'm really exploring it and it is so powerful. I have Auria too, but am concentrating on Beatmaker 2 at the moment. The drums do suck pretty bad though, at least for what I'm doing. As soon at it gets on the bus it is really going to be a great app.

    I don't have Cubasis yet, but am really thinking about getting it. Derek Buddemeyer got it and told me it was a killer app. It really takes a lot to impress him I've found. I was really amazed when he gave Cubasis a thumbs up when he initially didn't care for it a whole lot.

    I'm going to continue for a bit with Beatmaker 2 first though and explore it more. The cool thing is these apps are really so inexpensive compared to their PC cousins that there is really no reason not to have a lot of them on the Ipad, baring memory concerns of course.

  • It's gone again

  • BeatMaker 2 is underrated, in my opinion. It's got the best sampling features of any app on iOS, by far. Bringing in and using your own samples is easy, and there are a ton of features that help you shape your sounds.

    It does have some UI idiosyncrasies, but once you get accustomed to it, working with BM2 is a breeze. The effects aren't as good as Auria's, but BM2 has comprehensive MIDI support, and you can create automation curves for a ton of different parameters, including track volume and panning, unlike Cubasis.

    On top of that, BeatMaker 2 is universal, so I can keep my projects synced between my iPad and iPod touch, and work on them on the iPod when I'm out somewhere without my iPad. Can't do that with Auria or Cubasis projects.

    I'm really looking forward to BM2's Audiobus update. Everyone should give it a look.

  • Just a shame everyone wants it yesterday and if they are as impatient as me have already purchased Cubasis and Auria and moved on.

    In terms of the time stretching and beat slicing it is pretty much perfect to work with though so it will be a very useful....erm Beatmaker in the workflow.

  • still waiting on BM2 here before making a multitracker purchase.... I can wait for 'ideal situations.' spending $50 isn't worth it to me when all I have to do is bounce a couple of tracks into my desktop DAW and I'm on my way. It's still a million times faster than they ways ALL records were produced only 30 years ago, so....

  • I've just had a good conversation with Mathieu today, who makes BM2. Just wait a little more. And I mean just a little.

  • Thanks @sebastian! that's fantastic! I have a feeling that BM2's integration is gonna be great considering how long they've had the SDK, even though I know there were some tweaks that were needed, I'm sure they've put a lot of work into this and am excited to see it in action! Intua does things right, even if it normally involves a bit of a wait. Always worth it.

  • @uglykidmoe wish I had your patience. I ended up buying Cubasis last night. totally worth it though, I'm finding the workflow and responsiveness perfect for my needs. it'll be nice having BM2 as a secondary solution though. never hurts to have options!

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