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Stumbled on the fact that when providing youtube links with a specific start time in the link the embedding feature of the forum will strip out the start time. This can be gotten around by using the link icon at the top of the post editor, then changing the link text, which is the part between the square brackets []. The youtube video will not be embedded, but the link will have the start time.
The syntax is [link text]( "Title") which you can just type in, no need to use the link icon. The "Title" part is optional. It's what is displayed when someone hovers their mouse cursor over the link.

Thought I'd also take the opportunity to document some other Markdown features the forum supports:

Bold **text**
Bold __text__
Emphasize *text*
Emphasize _text_
Strike Through ~~text~~

Blockquote > quote

Nested Blockquote >> quote

  • Bullet * item (must be proceeded by a blank link, followed by a blank line to end the list)
  • Another Bullet - item (dash also works, no blank line needed between items)
  1. Numbered 1. item1
  2. List 2. item2
  3. Of 3. item3
  4. Items 4. item4

You can use a footnote1 [^1] to stay on point. WIth additional info provided below2 [^2]

Horizontal rule:

--- or *** or ___ (must be proceeded by a blank line)

A block of text will use a fixed width font when surround by three backticks ``` on either end
12345678901234567890 Block of text using a fixed width font that also preserves multiple spaces

table A B C
1 left-aligned centered right-aligned
2 bold emphasize strike through

| table | A | B | C | | - | - |:--:| -:| | 1 | left-aligned | centered | right-aligned | | 2 | **bold** | *emphasize* | ~~strike through~~ |

Revealed >! Revealed

Header 1 # Header 1

Header 2 ## Header 2

Header 3 ### Header 3

Header 4 #### Header 4

Header 5 ##### Header 5
Header 6 ###### Header 6

All syntax examples provided by surrounding the example with backquote ` or ``` in the case of multi-line examples

  1. More blabbering. [^1]: More blabbering. ↩︎

  2. Additional info. [^2]: Additional info. ↩︎


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