Pushing the envelope

In the interests of being an awkward cuss and stretching things further than they're supposed to go...

Say I have an instrument on my iPad which isn't really playable on my iPod, and I want to play it out through a non-Audiobus fx app on my iPod and take it back into Audiobus on the iPad to record into one of the Audiobus recording apps. I would have to a) use two iRigs or similar, b) split the headphone out from my iPod so I can hear what I'm playing and c) be able to mute the recording app so that only my instrument app presents audio to the iPad output.

Anyone think of a good reason why that wouldn't be possible?


  • Hi there,
    What you are describing is very much possible.
    I have a live setup, that works just about that way:
    Iphone, ipad2 and ipad4, each routet stereo into my interface (connected to a mac, since not class compliant), from there I am able to route each of the seperate signals into ipad2 (going through an Aux send, ipad 2 gets thte signal through Tascam XYZ,- MONO only though!).
    Without the big fuss of setup I have running, in your case you just connect the output of your ipod with whatever interface on your ipad, just remember: iRig etc. only give you a Mono input.
    Best regards, animal

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