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Different Drummer timed recordings

edited March 2016 in Creations

Playing around with the improved timed recording interface in DD. This piece is 42 measures at 80bpm. I also wanted to try a progression using modes, so this is a repeat of G Ionian, D Mixolydian, E Aeolian, and then on the second pass adds B Phrygian.


  • You are the DD king

  • The thing is all of those modes are from the same G major scale. I kept thinking to myself if it's changing modes why does it sound the same all the way through the progression and then I looked at your modes and realized they are all out of the same G major scale.

  • @yowza - yes, it was deliberate to use modes from the same G Maj scale. I wanted to see what effect that would have. It changes every 2 bars, but retains the same feel, since the same notes are used, but it does change the center and creates a more subtle change.

    Thanks @Richtowns !

  • Also, the percussion bits aren't locked, so it gives a tuned percussion feel.

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