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Midi Tempo synced rhythmic gate app?

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Does anyone know if one exists? I naively assumed there would be one, but no luck in my search so far. I NEED one. Took me a bit of head scratching to figure out that glichbreaks doesn't REALLY work as an insert effect as the labeling would have you believe....heartbreaker.


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    i NEED one too! it would be so useful and crazy to be able to do this kind of stuff:

    in sync with other apps.
    just put it as an effect in audiobus, or send the instrument audio directly into it and voila! totally new sounds automatically in tempo and synced.

    i will light a candle... maybe someone is listening out there ;)

  • sounds cool. put me on the list too!

  • Something like this might very well come later in the AUFX series!

  • eccecello, the SL20 looks great, but what kills it for me is the inability to change presets via midi. I know, I'm picky, but it is such a "simple" effect that I'm very surprised no one has done it, yet.

    j_liljedahl - I hope this does make it onto your features list. I'll be the first in line to buy it!

  • @pxlxr sorry, but the first to buy it will be me.
    but you know that already, don't you?! :D

  • What a coincidence! I have a boss slicer and I make apps and I was wondering the same thing. Do you think there would be a market for this? It's not a very popular pedal. While programming the LFO on my current app, a guitar synth, I realized that it would be easy to make a slicer type app. I've thought about making a basic guitar fx app for free because things like phasers, flangers and chorus fx are easy to program and I thought I could have more fancy fx unlockable via IAP. We'll see I guess, I need to finish the guitar synth... and finish the update for my current app haha. I'm a guitarist though so I'm very interested in unique guitar apps.

  • @Pxlxr have you considered Turnado?

  • I was just going to say, Turnado... the stutter module

  • turnado is for ipad :/
    i need to work with the iphone, as i place on my instrument:

    no room for an ipad overthere!

    @dreamless i think the idea of little and separate effects for audiobus is great, in fact michael (loopy) came with the idea of audibus in part for that reason! so he didn't have to add effects to loopy.

    come on! i need a slicer! a very good one... and there is no one. markets are created by products and ideas that fit empty gaps. here is one. for sure!

  • I'd be surprised if Sunvox couldn't do it, but you'd have to design your own module.

  • You can also do it in BitWiz Audio Synth, if you can live with 8-bit sound ;)

  • You could probably do it in Audulus as well.

  • yes! thanks @PaulB for the soundvox thing (all the rest are not for iphone!). i buyed it, and i can see using the LFO i can have this "gate" effect.


    ...but could i sync it by midiclock with other app? or set a BPM instead of the hrz freq.?

    can i make a rhythmical pattern with different beats?

    if anyone could suggest how can i began... my aim is to make music, not programming!
    ...but until there's a better option ...i am willing to learn.

    but i would appreciate any help on how to design this module.

    thanks in advance!

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    I'd start with a noise gate module. Get a midi input to trigger that.

  • thanks a lot. but i am now for 1:30m. trying... just to get a big headache. no music yet...


    that's why it would be lovely someone made a rhythmic noise gate effect for audiobus. i have payed 5€ for sunvox just to get a headache.

    too many things in such a small tiny screen.

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