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Ideas to get Beatmaker 2 and audiobus to work together better

Well I wondering if down the line in a future update, there can be an option that when recording audio into beatmaker 2 or any other app that allows you to do loop recording, that can automatically stop the recording once the set amount of bars pass. This will be a very useful feature because once you record a loop you don't end up stoping the recording too early or too late and thus ending up with a loop that is a little shorter or longer than you intended.

Another feature that I think would be useful is one where once you press the recording button to stop a recording, the play action of the song stops entirely as well and the other app being recorded into is left paused.

Now Im not sure if these features are possible, but I believe they should be able to be turned on and off for people that may not want to use them if they are considered and think they would make recording into BM2 as well as a few other apps a lot more smooth.


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  • @MarkySo, you should email Intua about your suggestions ([email protected]). I've emailed them a couple times and they got back to me both times.

  • I would personally hope that if they did implement something like the loop record request you have that it would be an option in settings instead of a feature change for everyone. I love the way that part of recording works in BM2 right now. The play action idea I do like though. There isn't really any benefit to me for the playhead to continue after I hit the record button again. I'm with @StygianPulse , I've had good responses back from Intua the few times I've emailed them (not so much on their forums unfortunately).

  • Funny, I e-mailed them about a copy/paste problem I was having in BM2, and to ask if there were any plans to support Sonoma copy/paste and I never got a response. I figured it out myself anyway, but it kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback guys. So intua is who can make this kind of thing happen?

    I guess I will email them then.

  • I sent an email and never got a response.

  • Okay so I think it's safe to say intua wont reply to me. Can someone from AudioBus get to them?

    I think it's time for this change.

  • I've emailed a few devs with questions at different times and haven't gotten a response from any of them except Kevin Schlei, the TC-11 dev. I'm sure a lot of them are very busy and have lives beyond their apps, but when it goes weeks without any response whatsoever, it's a bit ordinary.

  • Yeah sadly it is I guess. But I will make a post about this on there forum or add it to the BM3 feature request forum.

  • Hiya,

    I've finally got Audiobus working in my iPhone 5 with BM2, iKaossilator, iTabla etc. This is for live performance work with voice and instrument coming in via a Line 6 Sonic Port.

    It would be so amazingly good if these things could happen:

    1. Load Audiobus patches so that multiple configurations and combinations can be selected quickly without the very cumbersome process of launching each app each time.
    2. Have a global BPM sync setting. I use Pro Tools, Ableton, Reason, Guitar Rig etc on my Mac and they all do this beautifully. With Audiobus as it stands I have to open each app independently and set the tempo for each song ... while my audience gently nods off to sleep. Unless of course I have missed a feature that is already there???

    Keep up the good work!



  • BM2 and iKaossilator both support WIST - so you can sync them up that way. Quite a few other music apps support WIST as well - not sure about iTabla...

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