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Meteor Multitrack Recorder gets on the bus

v1.4 has been submitted and should be arriving shortly. anyone here use this app and have some positive feedback to share?



  • Yay! Told you to keep looking upwards :)

    I have it, haven't used it in anger yet, but it has a lot of nice features. Very responsive support from the developer. Some IAPs likely to be needed, but they won't break the bank and I'm on minimum wage with child maintenance to pay out.

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    I'm definitely interested in people's impressions of this versus MDAW. Hey, even count-in record could persuade me to buy!

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    I'm using it and I 'm fully satisfied, not so sexy as Auria but it runs better on my iPad2 and has MIDI Tracks, virtual instruments, sampler, Virtual MIDI (all IAPs but it's fine for me). Effects in Auria are better, but at that price it's quite normal.
    Paul from the support is very competent and responsive.

    You understood, I love it!

    It is a very nice surprise to see Meteor being updated with Audiobus that fast. I definitely won't hold my breath anymore for Auria to be updated!

    Here is my Audiobus DAW, well done 4Pockets!

  • thanks for the reply guys. been holding off waiting for beatmaker 2 to update so this app intrigues me while impatience is kicking in.

  • Be nice to have a price drop.

  • I've so far held back from Meteor as once you stack up the cost of all the IAP's it's virtually the same cost as the likes of Auria/Cubasis and is certainly a far higher cost than Beatmaker. And with Auria realeasing an LE version recently it makes the total cost of Meteor ownership look even more expensive.

    My other consideration when looking at Meteor has been the fact that I don't like 4Pockets other music apps and I (maybe unfairly) don't consider 4Pockets to be a serious music app developer.

    I'm open minded though so look forward to hearing any feedback posted here as Meteor will (for a short period anyway) be the only DAW with midi capability that's compatible with Audiobus.


  • Back in 05.2011 you didn't have so much choice for a serious DAW. I bought the IAPs I needed when they came out. I never felt that I gave too much money for it. It may seems "a lot of money" if you have to buy them all at once, but:

    Virtually the same cost as Auria? Okay but with a lot more features, and it will run smoothly on older devices. If you run Auria at his full potential you need the last iPad generation.
    A far higher cost than BM2, right but you can't compare them, for me BM2 is not a DAW, can be a kind of replacement for a DAW but it is what its name said: a beat maker. Try to make a descent mixing and mastering with BM2...
    Cubasis? Too limited I didn't even give it a try. Maybe with the next update...

    I own all of them and I think the best investment was Meteor. Actually now that it gets Audiobus I'm sure of it.

    I don't own other apps from 4pocket cause I don't need them, but I think it's not really fair to think "their other apps are craps so Meteor is crap!".
    Look at Yonac, they were hated in the community because of all the crap synths they made, and now everybody loves Magellan and think Yonac team are genius....

  • @chapalo

    As I said above, I'm open minded so it's good to hear your experience of Meteor.


  • Just picked up Meteor. Pretty impressive. It cost though. Had to get Virtual instruments/midi IAP. Still feel I got money's worth. The sounds are excellent. I believe they are Korg M3 sounds. Loaded with useful features. Waiting for Audiobus integration now.

  • The MIDI IAP is just editing and step entry. MIDI record/playback and import/export comes as standard, but I agree, most folks will want the full functionality. Still an equivalent price to Auria LE though, with more features, judging by the published Auria LE info. I too am eagerly awaiting the Meteor update.

  • How much does it hog the CPU or memory? And is it 12 tracks max? And what fx do you get? Looking at the IAP list it seems like you'd need to spend at least double your original outlay?

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    a) Less than Auria (reputedly, I don't have Auria)

    b) Currently

    c) 4 types of effects bus

    3 Aux Send buses (stereo & global) - delay, reverb, chorus/flanger

    3 Insert FX buses (mono, per track) - delay, reverb, tone boost, chorus/flanger, pitch shift

    6 Record FX buses (3 mono, 3 stereo) - delay, reverb tone boost, chorus/flanger, pitch shift

    2 Master FX buses (stereo & universal) - delay, reverb, tone boost, chorus/flanger

    There is also a 3 band parametric EQ on each channel strip.

    That is without any IAPs. I will probably go for a compressor, MIDI edit and the virtual instrument set on top of that, which brings it up to the price of Auria LE, but provides more features.
    Any other IAPs I will leave until required.

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    Very low CPU/Memory load. Comes with 4 effects. Stereo reverb, stereo delay, chorus flanger, and tone boost. 12 tracks max, but I'm sure that will eventually change. It also comes with freeze tracks to eliminate high CPU load. I paid $35 bucks for the app along with virtual instruments, and midi, which has nice midi editor. It comes with about 100 quality instruments and 9 drum kits with purchase of virtual instruments $10.99 and $14.99 with midi editor.

  • @mgmg4871 Check your other bus assign selections, you have more effects.

  • Ok, compare it to Cubasis? What are the pros/cons that you can see?

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    I'm afraid I haven't had either long enough to use them in anger. Plus I'm really waiting for Audiobus support. One of the biggest issues for me is flexibility of tempo and time signatures within a project. Cubasis seems somewhat limited in this regard, as is (perhaps less so) Meteor, but at least Meteor will allow me to use time based positioning instead of beats and measures, so I can record a guide drum track with all the odd time sigs and tempo changes I want and hang all the other parts off that.
    At the end of the day, I have both apps, and they will each have their strengths and weaknesses. I shall probably use each of them accordingly, depending on my needs.

  • Thanks Paul. I will.

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    @Ian I won't make a comparison yet. In all fairness cubasis has not had a update yet, but Dev has made promise of several free updates. I will just say Cubasis is not ready. Meteor is very close after several updates.

  • Meteor with Audiobus just went live on the App Store. :)

  • Thanks. On my way.

  • @mgmg4871 would love to hear your impressions regarding the performance of the app while using audiobus!

  • Meteor won't wake up in Audibus. Hope I don't have to reinstall.

  • @mgmg4871 I'm having the same problem. Did you try reinstalling yet? I haven't, but that's probably my next step.

  • It's working now. I started Meteor before AudioBus and that appears to have resolved the problem.

  • Reinstalled still doesn't work. Will hard reset ipad now. Let u know results.

  • Here's what I have. There are 2 listings in Audiobus for Meteor. Meteor and Meteor1. Meteor1 does not work. I have to open Meteor first to get Meteor to show and it works. Meteor1 will show without opening Meteor but will not wake up. Very strange behavior. Can someone give me some clarity why 2 incidence of Meteor is listed in Audiobus? Thanks.

  • @ Hypoetical, Other than the craziness listed in my last post, Meteor works flawlessly. Performance is excellent.

  • @mgmg4871 so it's buggy to get connected but once connected the sound is good and it's not to harsh on the cpu?

  • That's correct Ryan.

  • I've basically tested it with Thumbjam. No problems there.

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