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Loopy HD - Audiobus Track Capacity


Are there any plans to increase from the 3 track output cap to the full 12 ?

Or is there a way of outputting all 12 tracks from eg: Loopy to Multitrack DAW ?

3 is good but with 12 we would be spoilt rotten ?


  • I imagine its because Audiobus only takes 3 inputs of any kind, whether its 3 Loopy's or a combination of other apps

  • Good point ! Ha just had a look now.

  • It was a conscious decision of ours to limit the number of input apps in version 1.0 of Audiobus to 3. Devices other than an iPad 4 or iPhone 5 can't handle more right now anyway.

  • That makes good sense.

    In terms of Loopy alone would it be possible in theory to bus all 12 tracks to Multitrack DAW with the existing hardware?

  • In theory and a later update, yes.

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