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Jamup Crashes with external audio device via cck

edited December 2012 in Support and Feedback

I just got an alesis io4, because it had a lot of great feedback from loopy users on the loopy forum.

I also have a scarlett 8i6 that I use with my laptop, both work fine with the CCK by themselves in standalone apps.

(i.e. just jam up, or just loopy)

But when I put a chain in audiobus of mic input > jamup > speaker out or Loopy Jamup crashes.

So I select jamup for the effects slot and it has the Zzzz. I select jamup and it brings the screen to the front, then it crashes to the homescreen. Everything is still running in the task switcher and it'll even have the red bar that says jamup recording. But no sound. If anything I'll get about one second of sound before it stops.

I've tried toggling all the settings in jamup, (latency, background audio, etc)

Ipad 4
all other apps closed

new lightning cck adapter

This just killed how I wanted to use audiobus, I'm open to suggestions!

I tried it with both my audio devices (which all function fine outside of audiobus)

am I missing something?



  • I assume you tried unistalling and reinstalling JamUp? Reseting your iPad? Does jam up crash without your audio devices? Other then that I don't know, we have different equipment

  • Also: what is your other audio device (you mention 'both')?

  • Same results with a less io4 and focusrite scarlett 8i6. Usb devices connected via cck.

    No crash when using internal mic and audio

  • Still crashing to home screen after a restart and turning off blue tooth.

    Jamup proxt works fine on it's own, just doesn't work in audio bus when using usb interfaces.

  • I use the lightning cck cable and the io4 and have no issues with crashing on my ipad mini. I have occasional issues with no sound which I resolve by unplugging and reconnecting my headphones either into the device or to the io4. I mainly use MTDAW as my output but have used loopy too

  • Thanks for the feedback, I'm going to try the uninstall / reinstall thing. I need to see if I can save a few of my jamup presets or just write them down somewhere first.

  • I've never backed up my jamup presets but I think I've saw them in iTunes file sharing, could be wrong though

  • Would be awesome if they stored the presets in iCloud. Not even sure if that's possible but I'm just sayin'

  • subsynth, I had the same issue when I first used my io4. Restarted the ipad3, and it works fine now.

  • so far it seems to be working after restarting with the io4 plugged in and on the whole time. (rather than starting the ipad or having it already on and then plugging in the io4.

    I always have the io4 on and plugged in before launching audiobus, but I've only gotten jamup to work by starting up the ipad with the device attached and on.

  • @noisyninja, I have what sounds like the no sound thing you are having with Jamup, except it is consistent and I can't seem to ever get sound through jamup either stand alone or as an effect in Audiobus, if I select the microphone as an input.

    I also have the iPad 4 and an Alesis iO4. Crazy thing is, when I use Jamup as an effect in audiobus is that if I use loopy HD as the input for Audiobus, Jamup works really well. But I use the microphone input, I get sound when there is no effect, or when I use another effect, but all sound stops when I put Jamup in as an effect. The biggest drama for me is that I want to use Loopy as the output (to record myself playing through Jamup), but if I don't use Loopy as an input... Jamup doesn't make any noise.

    The only time I can get Jamup to make any noise at all, when I use the iO4, is with it in Audiobus, using Loopy as the input. My biggest frustration is that I don't know whether this is a Jamup problem, or an Aduibus problem... Although all these issues go away if use something else like Nlog pro synth as an effect - I can hear everything from iO4 then (making Jamup look like the culprit).

    Is there a forum like this for Jamup? If there is... I couldn't find it.

    Regards Gary.

  • Hi Gary,

    I think we need to break this down slowly and meticulously because there is no way we can reproduce this unless you start with a simple configuration. So first of all, what's the setup? Which OS version are you using, which device are you running this on and are you using Jailbreaks?

    Then start with the simplest setup that does not work and explain what you expect to happen and what happens instead.

    I'm forwarding this URL to the JamUp guys so they might have a look at it but their support URL is



  • I also sent the jamup guys a link to this thread when I started it, I haven't gotten a response yet, but like I said above, I did get it working the last time I tried...

    I still haven't tested it too much because I'm using some presets I've made for some recording and I want to finish that before I get into uninstalling and reinstalling everything.

  • edited January 2013

    Sebastian, thanks very much. New iPad with lightning connector CCK. iOS 6.0.1. Using an Alesis iO4, with guitar plugged into guitar phono plug. As I said above, if I use loopy HD as the input for Audiobus, Jamup works really well. But I use the microphone input into Audiobus (and 'eject' Loopy HD), I get sound when there is no effect, or when I use another effect, but all sound stops if ialready have Jamup as an effect, or when I put Jamup in as an effect. It's totally reproducible on this system - happy to try any experiments, testing you suggest, particularly if you haven't got this hardware to reproduce (or not) the problem.

    By the way I powered iPad down completely and back with iO4 already connected (ala @subsynth), alas, to no avail. Good thing to try though.

    Do you want me to forward this to the Positive grid support link or will you cc them in?


  • Is it possible that the guitar phono plug on the io4 is actually appearing in channel 2 of the input? If so that would explain the silence because I believe jamup may only operate on the first channel. Just a thought I had off the top if my head and could be totally off-base. It could be confirmed or rejected by running the io4 into loopy or multitrack daw, etc.

  • edited January 2013

    Brilliant!! Well... I'm actually a little embarrassed that I didn't think to write in my notes or even think about the fact that I had the guitar plugged into channel 2... But it works well if I plug it into channel 1 of the iOS4 interface.

    I hadn't realised that Jamup was mono input, because other computerised effects I have are stereo, or at least, they let me choose which input to use (eg Guitar Rig lets me side chain a bass and a guitar through it).

    Now that you say that Jamup only sees left channel (unlike Loopy, where you can choose any of the four channels), I realise what is happening - Loopy mixes the mono signal from the left input to the centre of the stereo field, so that channel 1 and channel 2 both have signal... Then I'd switch back to microphone input input into Audiobus, and I'd again have no signal on channel 2.

    It always looks so simple when you see it in hindsight!! Thanks very much for your help, @sonosaurus. Now that the guitar works in line 1, I'll now start using the mic in line 2 - probably an easy fix, because Jam up is the only mono effect I have (eg Nlog synth and my other effects apps are stereo input and are fine for adding reverb to vocals).

  • @subsynth I just came across the exact same issue as you with jamup closing down all the time with Loopy as the output. If I changed the output to MTDAW it worked fine but would start closing down again when I put Loopy back in as the output. I tried rebooting and opening the apps in different orders etc and I reinstalled Audiobus which didn't work although. Anyway when I deleted Loopy and reinstalled that it was fine

  • Here is what happens with me. I am using an iPad 2 with wowee 1 external speaker. I start up animoog as input, start up loopy hd as output and jamup as filter in audiobus. If I do not have the speaker plugged in and am using the built in speaker in the ipad, the jamup effects are clear to hear. The second I plug in the speaker, there is almost no sound.

    With the speaker in if I turn off the jamup with the power button on the audiobus tab from animoog the animoog sounds loud and clear, but the second I turn the jamup back on with the power button, the animoog sound is mostly gone, I can barely hear a scratching noise but that's it.

    This also happens with my guitar plugged in, but to make it simple and easily repeatable for others here, let just deal with the problem with animoog. I've reinstalled jamup to no effect. I'm running os 5.1 but a friend has an iPad 3 and it's running os 6 and we both have the same problems.

    Jam-up does work great on its own just not as a filter through audiobus with a speaker plugged in.

    Sorry for any typos, I'm not at home and am posting this with my iPad

  • edited January 2013

    @Crodley Does the same thing happen with headphones, or only with the external speaker?

  • The problem does NOT occur with headphones. Only my external speaker. It's too late for me to check if the problem occurs with my amp as an output source, we'll see later.

  • I still haven't had a chance to use my amp to see if it kicks out (BUSY weekend) but my friend who has the same situation just called me to say that even with his headphones plugged in, it cuts out. I was using over the ears full sized headphones and it sounded fine, he was using in ear bud and they had no sound... There was a Jamup update today, so with fingers crossed that might have fixed it...

  • I just loaded up audiobus with the new jamup update and put it in the input slot with loopy in the output as well as another synth also in an input slot and everything was working fine.

    So far so good.

  • That's true it will work fine, but when plugging in an external speaker the sound cuts out. (With the external speaker plugged in and the Jamup bypassed the sound is fine) With over the head headphones the sound is fine, with the built in speakers of the iPad, it's fine. Still haven't had time to hook it to my amp yet...

  • Yay, we stumbled on the problem. After trying again I went to unplug the cable from the speaker and for a second the amped sound was heard. Turns out if you just slightly push the cable in you can hear the jampup effects. My thinking is I need a stereo to mono cable instead of the stereo to stereo cable I have been using. I ordered and adapter and will see what happens when it arrives. I still don't understand why Jamup (an app I love by the way) is the only app I have that reacts that way.

  • Have you tried fiddling with Jamup's Input Channel settings in the Setup menu?

  • Yes I did, it didn't make a difference.

  • Quote: "...if you just slightly push the cable in you can hear the jampup effects. My thinking is I need a stereo to mono cable instead of the stereo to stereo cable I have been using." The cable adapter I bought didn't help. I still have to slightly pull the plug out to hear any effects from Jamup. And to still be clear this ONLY happens with the Jampup app, and I have a LOT of music apps installed. One really bizarre thing is that I recorded a track in Loopy with Jamup as the effects processor with headphones, which sounded fine. Then I closed ALL music apps and reloaded just loopy with the recorded track and plugged in the speaker and again no sound for that track only. So odd.

  • This sounds like a hardware problem with the connection of your audio interface or cables... :(

  • No it isn't. Not only does it only not work with Jamup, but a friend with a similar setup has the same glitch.

  • "Not only does it only not"

    I had to re-read that a few times :)

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