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Loving Loopy HD as part of my Audiobus workflow but...

edited December 2012 in Support and Feedback

Really loving Loopy HD as part of my Audiobus workflow but I've noticed that any loops I export from Loopy start 84ms late. This is a real pain as I have to use Twisted Wave to correct the loops before I can take them into a multitrack environment.

The loops definitely start where they should within Loopy it's just that they're off by 84ms when I paste them into another app

As I understand it this is a known bug in Loopy that will get resolved in the next update. Can we expect to see this update before Xmas or is it likely that the update won't be available till the new year?

(By the way I have posted this in the Loopy forum but I've noticed Michael is slow to respond over there as his focus is probably more on Audiobus at the moment).




  • Passing this on to Mike so he can have a look...
    Are you by any chance recording Magellan with Loopy?

  • I haven't attempted any captures with Magellan as yet.

    For the test I used Funkbox (the latest update with the improved midi clock). I was pretty thorough and recorded each of my Funkbox instruments onto separate tracks in Loopy HD (kick, snare hats etc). I did this at first to test the auto count-in / count-out recording feature, which was super tight by the way. I then exported each loop via ACP into Twisted WAVE to analyse the loops and that's when I noticed the shifted downbeat.

    I did three further tests to see where the problem might be:

    1). I created the exact same individual instrument files by exporting them from Funkbox and played them alongside the ones captured via Audiobus and they played in perfect sync with sample level accuracy.

    2). I then exported the Funkbox generated files from Loopy into Twisted Wave and the the loops start exactly on the downbeat.

    3). I bounced down both the Audiobus and Funkbox generated instrument files to a single file each. The Audiobus generated file still shifted the downbeat by 84ms but the Funkbox generated file started accurately on the downbeat as it should.

    Very strange behaviour considering the the files played in perfect sync within Loopy no matter how they were captured - either through Funkbox export or Audiobus capture.

    Hope this explanation makes sense. :)

  • Thanks heaps for the info, Jon - sorry about the respond delay lately, I've been run off my feet on a variety of things, getting a little behind.

    I'll check this out soon, and try to figure out + address the problem.

  • Thanks Michael.

  • Hi again Jon - just an update: I've found and fixed an issue that caused exported loops in Loopy to not properly reflect the time offset, which will cause loops to have the offset you've seen.

    The fix will be in the next update.

  • Great news Michael, thanks for keeping me up to date.

    Another problem that I've been encountering seems to be related. I have attempted to use Genome to sequence various synths and record the results into Loopy HD. Recording the loops is generally problem free but when I come to record new loops and attempt to sync the recording to previously captured loops the timing is always slightly off (at a guess the latency appears the same as the exported bug). I've attempted to use both Loopy & Genome as the Midi Clock master but the results are the same in both instances.

    Hopefully the problem will be eradicated as part of the new update but if not, I'll report back here.



  • Hmm, interesting. That actually sounds like something different, if you're not actually exporting loops. Perhaps some MIDI sync issues?

  • It's definitely a midi sync issue and it only appears to happen in combination with Loopy HD in combination with Audiobus, although in all fairness until midi sync is built into the other Audiobus output apps (Multitrack DAW, Auria, Beatmaker etc) I'm unsure if the sync issue relates to Loopy in combination with Audiobus or Loopy alone.

    The reason I have a hunch that the bug is in Loopy and is related to the export issue you've just quashed is that the sync issue only occurs if the loop was captured into Loopy via Audiobus. If I import a loop via ACP (from e.g. Funkbox or iElectribe), Genome syncs perfectly with Loopy via Audiobus.

    I hope this makes more sense now.

  • Although it appears Michael will address this in a loopy update, I'll put in my two cents which seems consistent with the above. I first recorded ikaossilator or drumjam into loopy via audiobus. I then used figure to record a complimentary drum loop. I pasted that loop into loopy and the beats were in perfect sync. I pasted those 2 drum loops into glitchbreaks and noticed the loops would no longer play in sync within glitchbreaks. Same deal if I pasted the loops into beatmaker2...yet they would always be in sync within loopy. Typically I paste loops from loopy into beatmaker and have never had this issue so it was strange indeed. But typically my loops have exclusively been captured via audiobus, so audiopaste alongside audiobus into loopy indeed seems be what's throwing things off when pasting out of loopy.

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