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Live audio loop audition App anyone ?

Anyone know of an app that I can preview my audio loop collection at the same tempo as my current project ?

The last time I used something similar was on Ableton Live 8 whereby I can listen and flick through my loop library in time and in sync with my current project.

I find this a real time saver in selecting matching loops for my projects or just experimenting...

Closest i found was Samplr but I cannot figure out how to restart the loop in sync with my projects on any Daw on ipad.


  • Not exactly what you're looking for but HyperTunes lets you do this with MIDI files but it can be a fidgety app sometimes

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    See If Jonatan (audioshare) can knock one up?

  • Sorry forgot to say audio loops :)

  • I'd still ask Jonatan if its something he'd be interested in making.
    He knocked out his oscillator app in no time.
    Plus it could prove very useful and popular.

  • Maybe he'll incorporate it into the crossfade loop cutter we almost talked him into making... ;)

  • Just bought loop twister and thought I had found the solution but then I imported about 300 loops via iTunes and it all went downhill from there....

    First of all you have to select each loop from the list I just imported then you have to select the slot for it to import to (for each one !!!).

    Then I discovered that probably due to the way it reads bars the imported loops were half the original playback option to choose how many bars either...

    I tried copy and paste and it gave me the choice of how many bars ????

    Why not when I import ?????

    On top of that I could only access 76 of the loops I imported as the scrolling list would not scroll any further even though is i tried hard enough to drag it down I could see the loops I had imported...

    Granted it was only £1.99 but I have thousands of quality loops that I would love to integrate into my tracks without all the pain currently involved on IOS..

    Glitchbreaks is nearly there but you cannot audition at the current projects bpm, Auria the audio stops whilst auditioning loops and breaks the creative cycle, Djay you have to load the loop in beat match it then audition it, BM2 you have to enter the chop lab and spend time in there...

    Could you help Jonatan ? Maybe Audioshare could have a standard bpm for auditioning loops all at the same tempo ?

    Off to try Remixer 2 now...

  • Have you looked into meteor?

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    That's 1 app I don't have....does it have timestretching?

    Just trying Loopy HD....

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    It has time stretching and pitch shifting. Probably one of most underrated daws in Ios. Also has automation.

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    Tim from Discchord is adamant that Meteor Multitrack Recorder is not actually multitrack. I'm not saying he's lying because I'd trust him over most but just thought I'd pass it on

  • What is his definition of what a multi track daw is. I'm curious.

  • Can you audition audio loops as your project plays in the background ?

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    I think it can't actually record multiple tracks at once, I believe was his argument

  • Loopy can do that. You'll just have to import the loops.

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    @mgmg - meteor has pitchshifting too?? in addition to timestretch? I gotta check that out. those two features combined, ability to set loop without having to trim and ease of use are the main features i miss most from ableton.

    @dave - I used to rely on loopy and looptastic for what you're trying to do but whats a hassle is you have to trim all the samples perfectly before hand. A new trick i learned recently is using ifunbox to transfer all your loops into your music library and traktor dj will automatically beat match your tracks once you've loaded them in. you can only play two at a time but getting those loops in is very easy with ifunbox. Click on import, then music library from what i remember.

    @jonathon - I would pay $10 for this feature, maybe more if it was as easy as it is in ableton. (24 bit capable pls)

  • I use Meteor since the begin and don't have this ability....the only one app that make this is Studio HD.....but don't have an update from 2 years....
    (sorry for my english...I'm tired

  • @sebastian i think Loopy is the best option i have at the moment, would be nice to be able to preview the loops in sync with the track before loading in though.

    @gjcyrus just downloading Looptastic free for a look, tried remixer 2 and it wouldn't load in most of the loops as they are only a few bars.

    @Synapsya will have to try that Studio HD although I need AB compatibility.

  • yes, tim @discchord was annoyed that you can't record multiple tracks at once but the name is Meteor Multitrack Recorder.

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    Multitrack recording ('multitracking' or just 'tracking' for short) is a method of sound recording that allows for the separate recording of multiple sound sources to create a cohesive whole. refers to manipulation of multi recorded tracks not just simultaneous recording of tracks. Which is why Meteor can legally be called a multi track recorder. Tracking is the key word.

  • I totally agree @mgmg4871. Tim gets a little too hot under the collar sometimes but that's why we hearts him.

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    FYI - studio hd is by same dev of looptastic. i contacted him about a month ago asking for audiobus and he seemed positive @ davemagoo - i said i tried using traktor djay app, not remixer for my own loops. i use remixer for just finding song loops from actual songs, not my own loops although that would be an idea if the loop was long enough

  • I wasn't trying to start stuff, just wanted to throw it out there, sorry! Yes that is why we <3's Tim haha

  • Sounds like a cool feature: playing back loops with varispeed according to a global BPM which can be synchronized with MIDI. I've put it in my notes for possible future developments of AudioShare :)

  • @j_liljedahl your a true gentleman much appreciated :)

  • @Davemagoo - Check out the Musaico thread that mgmg started. This might be another app for you to check out

  • Regarding the mention of Studio HD and Looptastic, they both have such a great UX I've been surprised that the get such seldom mention and are so late to the Audiobus party. And Studio HD would seem to fit Mr. Magoo's needs nicely, although a bunch of copy/paste would be required unless iFunBox loading works well with Studio HD. Hopefully there will be some renewed life breathed into SHD if Audiobus is indeed on its way.

  • @gjcyrus just downloaded free version...

    @AdamStu Just downloaded Studio M which looks like a free lo res version...

    Cheers guys.

  • @Adamstu - I agree completely! Soundtrends is a great company/dev. It was because of this thread that I tried out MetaDJ and thats my new fave app next to Musiaco

  • @Adamstu - forgot to mention that i tried using ifunbox with Looptastic and it didnt seem to work out too well. I may have possibly chosen wrong folder but wav files never showed up. So i had to transfer them to audioshare, then copy paste into looptastic. Didnt try studio HD though or Meta DJ. Meta DJ should be easy as it pulls data from music library

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