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Any plans for Djay to support Audiobus ?

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I use Djay with Ableton Live to record Accapella's straight from my Sample Library.

This gives me the ability to timestretch any chosen Vocal to my current track whilst also keeping the correct pitch, and also the option to add any on board effects from Djay.

Please can you advise if this or any similar apps are looking to implement Audiobus support.

I think this would be a very useful addition.




  • Hi Dave,

    I'm sorry, but we can't comment on if an app will support Audiobus before the developer of the app in question has commented on it first.



  • Ok,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I've asked Algoriddim but I am not very hopeful reading other posts on their forum there has been no response as yet.

    Have any similar apps announced their intention to support Audiobus?



  • Hi,

    I just read some of the other posts and I get it there is an embargo on the upcoming support at your end.

    Ignore the last post.


  • We're trying to make sure we can handle support for developers, yes.
    We know that many users are requesting Audiobus support in all of their apps but we're still less than one month after we've launched Audiobus. Give us some time and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  • I already am !

    I think all at audiobus will be millionaires with this app.

    Good luck.

  • I hope Djay gets on board too :)
    I use it to make scratches. It's awesome. It does offer performance recording, and Audio copy paste, but routing it through would be gold !

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