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Hey, are you guys going to support amplitube in the near future? I don't have the hardware for the other thing and like amplitube best from what I've seen.



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    In all honesty, probably not. It's my experience that IK thinks Audiobus is a useless idea. You will probably have to buy jamup (same hardware u use for Amplitube) which is IMO much much better. Or you can wait for Ampkit (devs say they have the SDK but are super busy ATM). Both of these Apps are universal and both support teams are amazing. You will not be disapointed except for maybe you wasted money on amplitue. ;-)

    EDIT: FYI both JamUp and Ampkit have free versions to 'try before you buy'. So give it a test.

  • IK_Peter on IK's Forum:
    "We requested the SDK and have had some access outside of that. We'll keep you posted. [...]
    However, what really is necessary is a push for a public SDK as that will allow developers to really get on board directly like other similar iOS audio technologies."

  • I may be wrong and I really hope so, but it took them sooooooo long to finally give us ACP and a "wannabe" Virtual MIDI in Sampletank that I really don't believe that they gonna support Audiobus soon. They are so disconnected from the community...

  • Amplitube and IK have been downright rude to us bass players. We've been asking them for Audiobus support as well as new bass amp models for months. Their response has been to delete us from the forums.
    Jamup and Positive Grid are the best people to deal with. They really listen, and their amp models sound MUCH better than Amplitube. I've deleted Amplitube from my iPhone, and now use Jamup exclusively.

    IK is all about lip service and false promises. Their customer support is terrible, and when they tell you they're interested in our opinions, that's a crock.

  • Not to mention, IK wants to keep all our money to themselves. Thy wont support Audiobus because they want to keep us using their gear, and if Amplitube worked with other apps, IK wouldn't get all of our money.

  • IK is notoriously not in step with the iOS music making community. I made an album last year and wanted to use some of their products. I was in touch with their people during most of the process and they were very against AudioCopy/Paste and any use of the dock connector... which made using their products impossible. They finally relented and gave us both... but too little too late for me. I assume they'll be the same way about Audiobus. AmpKit on the other hand is a stellar product and has made it remarkably easy to record on the iOS platform before Audiobus arrived, I suspect they will jump on the SDK as soon as it's possible for them to do so. I for one can't wait!

  • Why bother ?
    Jam up sound far superior to both ampkit and amplitube and it already supports audiobus.
    Only downside is that there is limited MIDI support (patch change only) but positive grid have indicated that this will be added soon.

  • I still like Ampkit better. I find it sounds better, more customisable and better layout. If JamUp allowed layering effects I'd have a harder time chosing. Both of these are light years ahead of Amplitube in almost every categorie, most importantly, price and support. :-)

  • I have JamUp, and really want to like it, but it's still no where near as good as AmpKit, IMO. Hopefully the AmpKit guys get it working soon, then all I'm missing is a good sampler.

  • Yeah hopefully eh? In an email the Dev team told me that they have the SDK but are much to busy to get it working ATM.. I'm pretty sure they are concentrating on getting Ampkit link HD out there.. After that I think we'll get our audiobus support. I noticed most guitarist seem to prefer Ampkit and most Bassists prefer JamUp. I honestly haven't used Ampkit since Audiobus came out and I miss it!

  • I agree with some of the comments about IK. It took them way, way too long to support dock connectors. Their attitude appears to be "we're listening" but the reality appears to be "we're ignoring". It's too bad because I love their Stuff. I find myself ignoring Amplitube and any new packages because they're so out of step.

  • Ignoring is correct, they have a new Jimi Hendrix module out and in the youtube vid showcasing it I commented that even though Amplitube is a good app I won't re-install it on my iPad until they support Audiobus, and they promptly deleted the comment. I posted another one and lets see if they reply to that one...

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    What I don't really get is why this stuff always has to escalate like this. I mean replies like

    "If you don't support feature X, I'm not even going to bother installing your %$%& app!!!1""

    ... don't really help. If comments like that were hurled at me, I wouldn't bother replying because obviously the customer is already beyond disgruntled.

    If you want to get a developer to implement a certain feature, ask them in a professional tone about it and explain why you're not going to continue using and more importantly - suggesting their app to your friends and colleagues. That works. Insults don't.

  • Sebastian makes a point, but we did reply to your SECOND comment there complaining about removal of your comment. Note that the video is about AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix models on the Mac/PC (not iOS) version of AmpliTube and your comment was not relevant to the product in the video. Nothing more, nothing less. We also have stated in multiple places that we have the SDK and we are working on it. I hope that clarifies and we can all move onward and forward.

  • Welcomed comment. Thank you.

  • Maybe I've had too much wine watching a rubbish horror film but that was really like the end of a scary movie when the big villain appears! It's the opposite off course. I've read in several forums "they never listen..." but clearly they're even prepared to defend themselves here. Personally I hope that means that piano app which really sounds good as well as the rest of their stuff gets on the bus ASAP

  • Ian - I know SampleTank will be, though there's an update that has been in flight for a while now so it will likely be the one after that one... I will make sure (again) that other apps get consideration, especially since iGrand Piano does sound really good if I must say so myself ;)

  • Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated.

  • Looking forward to it/them!

  • I apologize again for the confusion regarding my first post being deleted. Yes, it seems it was because I misunderstood that the youtube video wasn't pertaining to the iPad amplitube app. I apologized there, and I do so here also. I'm also greatly looking forward to Audiobus updates for both Amplitube and Sample tank of which I've invested a lot of money. (happily) I'm glad to hear they may be forthcoming! :)

  • Lol. Here we go again with a post gone viral with niceties, on the Love Bus.

  • Bloody hippies

  • @Sebastian You just made it worse with apology. Lol

  • I don't know what happened but suddenly Sampletank is responding to midi in Cubasis. Could it be all the love. Actually I reinstalled Sampletank. Was there an update?

  • SampleTank last updated on 23rd Oct 2012, Cubasis on 1st Feb 2013, Audiobus on 30th Jan 2013.

    My money's on the Cubasis update.

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    @PaulB maybe you're right. Do you recall if there was a midi controller setting in Sampletank settings? I don't remember seeing that prior to today. Can someone confirm who has not reinstalled Sampletank recently?

  • I haven't reinstalled Cubasis recently and can confirm that Sampletank is now responding to Cubasis midi - hooray!

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