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Just Koala, AUM, and some found sound chimes: At Clouds Hill

edited August 2022 in Creations

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” - T.E. Lawrence, The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom.

Such a remarkable man, as I and @rottencat were recently discussing. A character too incredible for fiction: tormented war hero, shaper of nations, poet, mystic, masochist, chameleon, Mr Ross, Mr Shaw… Lawrence of Arabia.

In 1935 he wrote of the little cottage at Clouds Hill, which clearly represented to him some desperately needed respite from the world on which he had impressed so much:

“Shortly I should be able to live at peace… with all the twenty four hours of the day to myself. Forty-six I am, and never yet had a whole week of leisure. What will 'for ever' feel like, and can I use it all?”

Just weeks after moving in to the monkishly austere building, he met his forever in a motorcycle accident, on a lonely turn on a road nearby, slipping from coma to death a few days later. Sightings of a mysterious black car glimpsed close to the crash site, and rumours that some in the British government were not too sad that such a maverick was no longer around to trouble them further over their shameful treatment of erstwhile Arab allies of the First World War meant his death remains as legended as his life. Truly, a most remarkable man.

Today the cottage, near Wareham in Dorset, is cared for by the National Trust, and can be visited by appointment:

The track was made entirely with Koala and AUM tape loops, no other instruments used, from a sliced and resampled found sound recording of large wind chimes. I was interested to hear how the phasing of offset loops created additional harmonies, and even different, choral-like timbres, from the original bell strikes.


  • I love this. Looping in koala is my favorite thing ever, and this is just great. Good work!! It’s quite bright but has your customary Cimmerian shade. I like it.

  • For me, this captures the ruminative, mystic side of Lawrence exquisitely.

    It’s perfect.

  • I’m not well-red, but I can really appreciate these chimes!

  • Love the chimes.
    Very peaceful and serene music scape.
    Very well done.

  • @sevenape : ‘a Cimmerian shade’ - love it! “Cimmerian: member of a mythical people living in perpetual mist and darkness near the land of the dead“. I’ll take that to the bank :)

    @rottencat : glad you liked it. It was our back and forth that prompted me to finally turn what I thought was a cool title into an actual thing, so: thank you!

    @Blipsford_Baubie : thank you, for the comment, and the listen :) Glad you liked it.

    @ReneAsologuitar : as ever, Rene, thank you for your kind support. I sort of feel like a party guest abusing a kind host’s hospitality exposing you to my various noises, which are light years away from your own pure musicianship, but your attention and acknowledgment really do mean a lot. Thank you! :)

  • Very light hearted for you 😊
    Great sounds with a hint of the Gamelan in them?

  • Such great atmosphere. Chimes are such great sounds to explore in this context. Ambience at it's best.

  • @GeoTony : My apologies. I was clearly having one of those weird ‘cheery’ days. I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Urrrrh! :(

    @Mountain_Hamlet : thank you. The old hippie that lurks in my innermost being has always had a thing for wind chimes. I actually made a little autogenerator in AUM for this that can noodle away being wind chimes endlessly. Just like…er… wind chimes. Any resemblance to the amazing discipline of actual Gamelan (another favourite sound) is purely, randomly, accidental.

    Thanks both, for the listens and comments.

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