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Seems rude not to… First outing with Steel Guitar Pro: The Pure Light Of The Void

edited June 2022 in Creations

“Disintegration may have it’s advantages. But of course it’s dangerous, horribly dangerous. Suppose you couldn’t get back, out of the chaos…” - Aldous Huxley, The Doors Of Perception

Still running about 2 to 10 audio to video, I.e. 2 hours to make the piece, 10 hours to do some video to justify putting it on YouTube. Still, learning a lot…

This has three messed-with loops from something I, er, ‘played’ live and recorded using the built in wav recorder on the the SGP screen, with an assist from Continua, live mixed into AudioShare with all file players running. Not being a guitarist in any sense, I love the crunchy sounds I can get from this straight out of the box. Luvverly! :)

As usual, any comments welcome…


  • Nice! Great build up to a huge wall of sound. Distopian and nightmarish, I mean really dark and sinister, is what I got from it. The vid was super creepy and trippy, definitely compliments the music. I like being taken to dark scary places! 👍

  • Nice one! Although it's pretty drony and abstract it has this moving and pushing forward feel, I like that. And great visuals too.

  • edited June 2022

    Wow! Really like this one...

  • Impressive overall for all of the production time spent. Im inspired to try something similar. Thanks for that. I also like the dark vibe thing. I mean it as no insult, but if you were going for the “backing soundtrack for a documentary about conspiracy theories”, you nailed it. Plenty of work in that field these days too. ;-)

  • Wow, 12 hours of work!!!
    As you mentioned, lovely!!!
    Nice work on the video!
    And the suspenseful music is very interesting and intriguing.
    Well done!

  • edited June 2022

    Wow, thanks all!

    @Spidericemidas : I’m a massive fan of your sound designs, got loads of your presets for various synths, so those kind words coming from you mean a lot. :)

    @Agatha_aga : thank you! Each new vid at the moment is a learning experience for me, it’s a whole new discipline on top of/alongside the music, and I can definitely disappear down the rabbit hole doing research for footage.

    @lasselu : thanks, glad you liked it :)

    @boone51 : I honestly can’t think of anything I would like more than one of my noises being used to soundtrack a conspiracy theory doc! Or anything, coming to that… :) fwiw, all my stuff is always available free of charge to anyone who wants to use it in another creative work of any sort. And I’d take (free) commissions too. Well, I can dream, can’t I? ;)

    @ReneAsologuitar : thank you! It’s hard to imagine anything further than from your own actual musicianship on an actual guitar, so thanks too for being broad minded enough to give my brain farts a look/listen. All support is always appreciated. :)

    Right. Now I think I’m going to go for a lie down in a darkened room for a bit. It’s been a fairly intense few days…

  • Very cool indeed!

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