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"New" song using Auria, GarageBand, iGrand, AmpKit, Final Touch, and AB

edited January 2015 in Creations

A very common title, which I didn't realize until the song was finished. Inspired by and written for my oldest daughter, Corinne.

A year or so ago, I posted another version of this song on SoundCloud with which I haven't been happy, so I replaced the drums with a set of dry acoustic drum loops from The Loop Loft. I had to a bit of editing, but I'm pretty happy with the groove and results. I also played a new bass part using AmpKit, added some harmony vocals and remixed. Exported the mix from Auria into AudioShare to play with the trim and new fade feature, exported to Final Touch for mastering, then back to AudioShare for export to SoundCloud.

The rhythm guitar was recorded with a GarageBand guitar amp/pedal combo, one of which was tremolo; the lead guitar was recorded with JamUp (PSP Echo from Auria, but remember nothing about amps and pedals); vocals recorded in Auria with PSP Echo and FxPansion Channel comp. Finally, the piano is one from iGrand, but I don't remember which. Sorry, it was awhile ago

Still rolling with an iPad 2 on iOS 8.1.2.

As always, any feedback is appreciated.


  • A powerful yet clear mix. Nice groove and the vocals have a Lennonish feel to me :)

  • Agreed, very nice mix. I really enjoyed both the composition and the vocal delivery. I can see where @AlterEgo_UK heard Lennon, but as the song progressed it struck me that this really sounds like a young Alice Cooper Band. Which of course means I bookmarked this track and will soon be listening to "Love It To Death."

    Outstanding work, Mr. Norton. Keep it up and thank you for sharing :)

  • Really good mate, what mic do you use to capture your vocals?

  • @AlterEgo_UK - thanks for the feedback. I'm struggling with bass frequencies, and my car usually has the final say about bass. I was away on vacation with family and didn't do the car bass test before posting, so your "clear mix" comment makes me feel better. I'm still wondering if there's too much bottom on the bass guitar. Thanks for listening.

    @eustressor - thank you so much. People have told me I have a similar vocal sound to John Lennon over the years but never Alice Cooper. That's cool, thank you. I'm glad you like the song, and thank you for listening.

    @jackhead - so glad you like it, thanks for listening. Believe it or not, I used a Shure SM48 (yes, that's a 4! I tracked quite a few vocal tracks in the '90s with that mic). I recorded the vox in my car with an Apogee Jam and this adapter:

    Thanks again.

  • Sounds great, I really like it. The mix, vocals, guitar work, and solo really stand out.

  • @coloobar - so glad you like it. Thank you for listening.

  • Sounds like the 80's, 90's and naughties never happened! If you could affect a slight Liverpudlian accent you'd potentially be able to sell this as a long lost Lennon track. Joking aside it it was practically perfect for what it was. Has that dry rhythm section and echoed vocal sound that Lennon and ELO used. If I had to make a slight change perhaps the drums sounded a wee bit too dynamic for the era. As I remember they were sometimes almost invisible! Along with the bass. Or was that my Dansette? Seriously, great work.

  • edited January 2015

    @periurban - the 80s and 90s were certainly a blur, but that means LOTS of naughties happened. Were Dansettes those all in one record players? Thank you for the laughs, for listening, and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  • Really nice song. Awesome talent man!
    I would recommend adjusting the levels where it is not overly compressed. It really isn't too much but when you look at your waves in Auria, see that the are valleys and that sort of stuff, it just makes it a lot more dynamic. When you see your wav files fully solid top and bottom, that tells you the dynamics have been a bit compressed. You will really notice big time how much more each instrument will sit nicely in the mix.
    What I do, I lower all my faders to zero and work on them little by little. Not having them all at the same level. Try that and see what you find:). Just a little tip...keep up the good work man, sounds really nice!

  • edited January 2015

    @Musikman4Christ - Thank you so much; that's very kind of you. I think you're hearing my use of the limiter in this way. I don't know how to mix and master a song that will playback at levels comparable to other songs in my music library and on SoundCloud without using the limiter. Admittedly, I need to find a way to salvage some more dynamic range, but it's a struggle to find the middle ground. Thanks again for listening and commenting.

  • I'm not really that good at mixing or even an expert on using compressors and stuff, but if things sound good, that's always a good starting point. :) just wanted to share some tips I've learned along the way. But I listened to your song again and you did a really nice job! I like your vocals man, really great talent. I love this forum cause everyone's here to help each other out.

  • Coop was definitely a Beatles fan. Here's a song in the ballpark of what your performance reminded me of:

  • Talented man Mister Cooper (Mister Norton also.... :)

  • @eustressor - thanks for posting that. I only know Alice Cooper from the hits. Time to take a closer listen. So cool how music can jar a memory and take us back to another time or another song. Powerful stuff.

    @JohnnyGoodyear - thank you, sir.

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