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Justin Hawkins Rides Again (YouTube channel)

Justin Hawkins from The Darkness has a great YT where he talks about music and songwriting, it's fun and interesting and he's a pretty engaging presenter.


  • To me he gives off a bit of a jaded, bitter vibe. I can't watch his channel.

  • @markk said:
    To me he gives off a bit of a jaded, bitter vibe. I can't watch his channel.

    Oh ok, funny how different people perceive things so differently. I didn't sense any bitterness at all, just friendly good humour and a genuine passion for the subject :)

  • Maybe I watched the wrong videos. I'm usually a big fan of sarcasm, but his left me cold. Maybe I'm just becoming a nice person in my dotage.

  • I agree with you @richardyot , I find him very engaging and he certainly has some interesting insights (imho). Thanks for sharing B)

  • Im interested to watch this. The Darkness are one of the few modern artists I love. I’ve loved them since the first album, which is still their best, but the new one is a rock solid effort throughout. “Heart Explodes” from Easter is Cancelled, though, is just like WHOA. I mustve listened to that on repeat 20 times when I first heard it.

  • Oh, and the “Love Is Only a Feeling” acoustic guitar production is the best acoustic gtr I’ve ever heard to this day. It’s such a sparkling triumph

  • Speak of the devil, had to go put them on and they slipped a new live one under my nose a couple weeks back. Heart Explodes live!

  • Oh, and “Friday Night” is an alltime feel-good classic

  • Ok last one I swear….but they came along at the exact wrong time for people to realize that they are not being ironic, they simply have a good sense of humor.

  • I discovered his channel a couple months ago when he reviewed the Silk Sonic record. Seems like a good guy and made me an even bigger fan.

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