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(FR) CPU & Memory monitor on the Audiobus tab

At the moment when I'm testing usage scenarios I run System Status (available in the App Store) to monitor the CPU and memory footprint for various apps across my different IOS devices. It would be really useful if these 2 key stats could be provided on the Audiobus tab (in a simple easy to read read manner).

I think this would also help from a support perspective too as Audiobus users will be able to easily see when they're pushing they're particular device too far. Lots of users are unaware about how memory intensive certain apps are or that the better quality synth apps create more of a hit on the CPU.

The possibilities of Audiobus facilitates very ambitious usage scenarios but only the latest IOS devices have a chance of keeping up with those ambitions. Many of the issues that are currently being reported as possible bugs are nothing more than users pushing their system resources too far.



  • That is a very good idea.

  • Thats is Good Idea +1

  • I like this idea a lot :)

  • Great Idea .

  • As a work around Magellan jr has a digital readout. I'm getting 32% CPU recording that in multitrack Daw and jam up por (which seems to make little difference). Ipad 3 iOS 6.0.1. No idea about memory though

  • @Ian

    There are a few instrument and DAW apps that include some form of CPU/Memory monitoring but obviously by having it on the Audiobus tab is visible from all the apps in your Audiobus chain.

    Interestingly, in testing I've found that I run into more problems relating to memory than I do for CPU - I think this is because I'm very aware of those apps that put a heavy CPU burden on my devices but sometimes forget the agglomerate effect of memory footprint.

  • Great idea !!!!

  • excuse the bump, but I'd like to request this too!
    I'm having a bit of trouble running audiobus without sound dropouts in many configurations and this would surely help in determining each apps resource usage.

    on a related note,
    does anyone successfully use a 128 buffer with audiobus ?
    (my I-pad air seems to struggle in almost any configuration.)

    256 is really too much for me for some stuff, especially if I monitor through my desktop system and incur another 128 samples latency there.

  • I signed up for an account just to support this feature request. It would be super helpful. After updating my iPad 4 to iOS 8 I'm experiencing some crackles and glitchy sounds that I never had with the same app chain in iOS 7. It'd be really great to be able to determine which app(s) are tipping the scale.

  • I think the original request was for a meter on the AB tab that shows up within apps on the chain. Hopefully this implies that the main AB UI would get one too... Or instead of?

  • edited December 2014

    Yep, reading it again I think that is correct.
    I can see why a discrete resource meter on the AB tab would be useful, but it would probably be slightly overkill for me. However, either/both options would be usable.

    I would prefer to have a simple readout on the main UI showing total resource use.
    A toggle to enable/disable monitoring to reduce CPU load would be needed too I think.
    This monitoring could even show a breakdown of each apps contribution to CPU/RAM use too.
    (Cubase 7 can't seem to manage this, but you do see it featured in some software!)

  • That would be a great addition

  • Yes, great idea !

  • +50. I'm on an Air1 and resources start getting scarce pretty quick...

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