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Launchpad is subscription now? Blocswave going sub next?

Every year, I pick up a few of the excellent Launchpad and Blocswave packs. I think over the years, accumulatively I've likely spent more on these apps in packs than I have any other ios audio app. And that's just buying them when they're on sale for a dollar.

So, now I see that Launchpad has gone subscription only. Is that right? I looks like it still functions like it did before and I can still see the packs I've bought... but now I'm skittish about buying any more packs from them if they're going all subscription.

Anyone know for sure? I'm not paying a subscription... but I'm wondering if all that money I've spent on Launchpad and Blocswave packs will now be a waste if they end up going all subscription.

Asking now because I was about to buy more Launchpad and Blocswave soundpacks while they're on sale again.


  • I have the latest version (10.8.1) of Launchpad, and I'm still able to purchase individual soundpacks. Rather than pressing the crown icon, which offers only the subscription option, try the home icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. That worked for me on my iPad.

  • You can definitely still buy individual packs, I have strongly considered the sub myself. A cross sub for a little more money would be totally worth it imo, for me. It’s just so easy to get this stuff out of BW and LP

  • From what I understand the subscription is entirely optional. As in, You don’t lose anything by not subscribing; you just get extra stuff if you do. That’s the way it should be 🙂

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    @skiphunt said:
    So, now I see that Launchpad has gone subscription only. Is that right?

    I think the Forum went through this conversation about 6 months or so ago when they offered a subscription deal alongside their normal non-subscription system.

    The answer was the sub was an optional extra for those who wanted it. So, just keep using the app as normal.

  • When you buy packs you own them forever, so any purchases made will be yours forever.

    @AmpifyxNovation listened to the forum as well as other user input and decided to offer both subscription AND purchase models.

  • Ok, cool then.

    I was just leery because I’ve had apps where I paid the “full unlock” to get extra features. Then the dev goes subscription. Actually takes away extras you already paid for and says you have to buy a subscription to get them back.

    The video effects app Hyperspektiv comes to mind.

    How they get away with that in the AppStore is baffling.

    Just making sure that’s not happening here before I buy more of their proprietary sound packs.

    Thanks 🙏 for all the replies :)

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