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edited November 2021 in Creations

My address in Savannah. Jazz Drummer, (my first drum track made from scratch), NeoSoulKeys2, Ravenscroft 275, SWAM Flugelhorn and Tenor Sax. Some EP for @Daveypoo and @McD.

I recently watched a super documentary about Coltrane. I haven’t been the same since.


  • Bumping this. Worth a listen.

  • If you insist.. I think you have hit a rich seam recently… + the ‘wind’ instruments are great on this.
    On some of your previous creations I thought ‘these are Flugelhorn / Sax etc being played on the keyboards by a great keyboard player’ but on this they sound like you are now a great horn player as well.

  • Listened to this last night and just now went back trying to find the flugelhorn part I was curious about with no luck.
    Just skimmed though.
    Anyway, I don’t own any of the SWAM instruments but I heard a “wavering” (intentional I’m sure) of the horn and was wondering if you achieved that with aftertouch on the keys, modulation wheel or just sustaining the note.
    Damn, that flugelhorn and sax sounds amazing.
    Really good piece LL. You’re on a roll.

  • How very 1966 of you.

    The horns are nice on this - would love to hear more like this played live with a band

  • My friend, no one is the same after Coltrane. Really into this direction and excited for you!

  • This is my favorite of all your "ensemble" projects. You really nail the simulation of the
    classic Mile Davis style quintet.

    Your drum patterns are unique and very inventive... no cliches. They fit the music perfectly.

    Congrats on this one... it's a culmination of many hours of self-education on using Cubasis
    for composing complex ensemble music while retaining the core of your instrumental improvisational workflow.

  • Really like this one!

  • One of your best!

    Definitive Jazz. If you look up Jazz in the dictionary, there’s a clip of this piece there!

  • @LinearLineman Did you play this whole piece on an iPad? If so, that is seriously impressive.

  • edited November 2021

    Thanks @GeoTony. I seem to have finally given in to breathing with the horns. When using with synths I seem to treat SWAM like a synth, hence, no breathing necessary. But with these jazz emulations one must breathe… tho I never figured why circle breathing doesn’t make it just an option.

    @Ben, I used the onscreen Cubasis keyboard mod wheel to add the vibrato. Just ordered a Touché SE to broaden my expression with the SWAMs. They actually have a Touché midi preset so connecting, hopefully, will be smooth,

    @Daveypoo, yeah, I’ve returned to the future😉😘😎🙏

    You’re right @waynerowand. Coltrane is transformative. Of course I listened to A Love Supreme in the 60s, never dreaming I might one day draw on his genius for my own sax explorations. Thank you @audiomodeling!

    Your praise means a lot to me @McD. I know how extensive your knowledge and feeling for this stuff is. I especially appreciate the affirmation of the drum track as I have encountered what a stickler you are for drums. Thanks, my friend.

    Thanks @TonalityApp. Always great to hear from a dev on creative stuff.

    Haha @Edward_Alexander, that might be the only fame I ever achieve.. as an example in Wikipedia. 🤔😂🙏

    @NeuM, yeah, all on iOS… with a keyboard, of course. Thx for liking it.

  • You're the man, Mike. You know it, we all know it, and you're being humble makes it that much better/worse.

    I'm very glad you're my friend but your gift makes me mad. I love you, but f**k you, y'know?

    Brevity is not my strong suit but I hope the sentiment is received with the intention with which it was given. I'm still listening, so you must be doing something right. 😉

  • @Daveypoo, I’m humble because I know the parts I am missing… just like you. If you rolled us both together in a 350 pound doobie then you’d really have one smokin’ musicman.

  • Very nice, sounds good 👌

  • @LinearLineman said:
    @Daveypoo, I’m humble because I know the parts I am missing… just like you. If you rolled us both together in a 350 pound doobie then you’d really have one smokin’ musicman.

    I would smoke the hell out of that doobie, my man.

  • Coming from a saxmaster that feels good, indeed, @Janosax. Thanks, mate.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    Coming from a saxmaster that feels good, indeed, @Janosax. Thanks, mate.

    Reminds me Miles and John a lot. I have to buy this flugelhorn because of you now!!! :)

  • @Janosax, the Flugel, euphonium and trumpet!

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