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Nembrini’s soundmaster demo.Available now.

edited July 2020 in Creations

This amp is really fantastic!
A real fender amp in the pocket.
Very touch sensitive,very little compression(as a vintage amp should do),a lot of air in the sound....
Wow,i’m super amazed.
I can’t wait you hear it.
Bravo nembrini!
Please,subscribe to my channel if you like what i do.It really helps!


  • Ok getting popcorn and sitting back waiting for the show to start ❤️❤️❤️

  • @flo26 hey i cant wait to hear you on this one.. i just spent in hour with it and it is pretty nice.. but i guarantee when i hear you ill be asking did i get the same amp sim.. :) any chance you can play it with some of the included cabs? and the ones you normally use.. im interested in the difference.. thank you!!!

  • edited July 2020

    @Bootsy ,sorry,the video is already recorded,and i’m only waiting for it to upload.
    I’ve used my own ir cab....i’m so used to them,i don’t even think of trying the ones available in the app.
    Maybe for a next time.
    Take care!

  • @Tones4Christ said:
    Ok getting popcorn and sitting back waiting for the show to start ❤️❤️❤️


  • @flo26 Gorgeous! That is some super tasty playing going on there.. from a whisper to a scream.. I think you covered every dynamic.. and what a dynamic monster of an amp this is.. superb.. the 2 channels cover a lot of ground..
    I’ve only tested it with my Tele + that was quite amazing.. I’ll have to dig out my Les Paul (or other humbucker equipped 6 string) and give it a run through..
    Hey.. the Luke sounds great..
    Always a sonic treat.. Thanks for that beautifully played demo.. it’s inspiring my friend..

  • Thank @flo26 very cool and exhaustive demo. I just shared it on the Nembrini Audio user group on FB:

  • Sooooo sweet!❤️❤️❤️❤️Pure tone!

  • You really show this app to it's best capabilities. I'm was hoping you'd be on top of it.

  • I've always been a more clean/mild overdrive Fender fan, for rhythm guitar I prefer clarity so each note can ring out versus just a big block of distortion.

    @flo26 you captured that type of sound perfectly here. I bought the app and yeah I'm biased because of my real amps (Champ, Deluxe), but this amp sim reacts like a real tube amp does. It has that sag, slight compression and a beautiful throaty voice when paired with single coils.

    Flo put the SoundMaster through it's paces, brilliant playing my friend!

  • I love the broad range of tones coming out even when not tweaking any knobs. That truly shows the dynamic responsiveness of this one.

  • Thanks a lot guys!
    One of my faves by nembrini audio!
    Take care!

  • @flo26 this demo is beautiful.

    Any tips on getting a tone like this at the beginning of your video? Settings and recommended other plugins? I’d love to get something in the ballpark, although I still won’t be able to play as good as you…

  • @cvwonder,
    It is an old video,but I think I use iconvolver in which I use an own hammer ir cab.
    It must be a Marshall.Maybe the gnr 25 pack.
    Sure,you can use impulsation or thafknar for loading your ir cabs as they are auv3 compatible.
    I think at this time,I also used adverb2 by audio damage.
    Thanks for your kind words.

  • Ok, headed down the ir rabbit hole. Thanks for the tips.

  • Sweet sounds.

  • @Poppadocrock said:
    Sweet sounds.

    @Poppadocrock said:
    Sweet sounds.


  • @cvwonder It's a deep hole. Here are some of my thoughts as you dive in:

  • Thanks @Daveypoo super helpful. I like your style, like I’m with you in the journey…

  • @cvwonder said:
    Thanks @Daveypoo super helpful. I like your style, like I’m with you in the journey…

    Glad you liked it and that it helped. There's a lot to consider - don't get bogged down with the minutia but make some decisions and get back to having fun.

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