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Still alive and yes.... finally i start again on Mitosynth patches!

edited August 2015 in Creations

So after the mighty new Alchemy (love it beside that apple removed the intern tuning option of version 1... stupid decision since i don't want to tune the whole Logic and also it's limited there and still no retina UI...pfuuii) was released and i played with all my monster synths i often still go back to Mitosynth because it's so easy and fast to get interesting results and it's the master in crossfading (not morphing) samples in one patch! It has this really ethereal touch more than most synths i ever used or heared.

I would like it so bad as an AU too since i like to stay on one device now but since Wooji Juice sadly won't do it i try to integrate it still. Only Animoog is the other one which can't be reproduced on any desktop this way (beside an expensive controller like the Haaken Continuum or so).
I watched the forum lately and saw some interesting threads about Logics update (thank's for that.....) and comparisons between desktop and iOS synths.

The only answer is..... booth are superiour in their own world and either can't replace another. My personal meaning is of course that everything could be made crossplatform since a touch screen UI fits also inside a DAW like Logic etc and it could increase the interest for sound desingers and users a lot.
Just my 2 (worthless) cents again.

Here is the deal for some iOS developers. Give me some of my fav. iPad synths as AU or at least as Macstore app version (the new coming NanoStudio synth and Mitosynth prefered) and i make 1000+ patches for each providing also a few unique sound sources :D!!

Enough stupid things said (sorry i'm under medis...), here is a little preview where i used 6 atmo patches for Mitosynth.

Hope everyone here is fine. Greetings and bye!


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