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I'm making an app!

edited August 2015 in Creations

Hey dudes, finally decided to take the plunge after creating so many mobmuplat patches. I've been working on this drone thing for a couple months now and I finally feel like I'm starting to understand what I'm doing..a little bit. Anywho, I have no idea when this this will be done as there is still much to do, but I thought I'd give a quick peak at what it sounds like.



  • A peak at what it looks like :)

    Good for you. And good luck with the work! Most all-important question: What are you going to call it?

  • click the link

  • Cool, is it a synth, or more an FX app? Couldn't tell by the link vid. I'll beta test it for ya. :) I think I could handle this more than the Auria Pro. lol....

    Good luck, here's to waiting for it! Cheers.....

  • I DID click the link :) Very, er, droney. AND shiny. And named :)

  • I think Click the Link is a decent name.

  • Yeah, l like shiny and skeuomorphic interfaces. How hard is it to make such an app? I'd love to make one too.

  • It's going to be a synth drone thing (no keyboard), two oscillators, three lfos, some fx and a small sequencer. At lease that is the plan for now, it's evolved quite a bit since I started.

    It's been pretty difficult. I've been working with Pure Data for a little over a year and only in the last couple months decided to try a full on native ios app. It has been a really fun learning experience though and my goal is to turn all my mobmuplat patches into real apps.

  • You’re going to call it instagram? Are you sure about that?

  • I have a concern for you. What are your long term plans? Are you forming a company or leaving semi-casual for now. Maybe reevaluate the situation in a few months?

    I've lost a few apps (non-music related) that I liked to use, but they were removed from the store. The apps, over time, became non functional most probably due to iOS updates. The developers had lost interest and were unwilling or able to keep the app working, i.e. maintenance & attention to user requests for improvement etc.

    I wish you all the luck in the world, and hope you have the wherewithal to persevere in this dynamic mobile world.

  • Definitely casual for now, I'm still learning and have a lot further to go before trying to release anything. Haven't even begun to start looking into audiobus yet, which is an obvious must have. I really can't say for sure where this will take me, but If I do become more serious I'll definitely be willing to put in time to keep everything updated. I've been using apps for all my music recordings and live sets for many years now so I'm aware of the dynamic of the environment. That is actually why I started building mobmuplat patches in the first place, my go to apps kept becoming unreliable.

  • Good luck @otem_rellik. If you need a beta tester I'm here.

  • I periodically got the desire to make an app & then found out you are required to own a mac, which I can't afford because I haven't made a marketable app yet, which i can't do because I don't own a Mac, etc.

  • Hell yes! I'm no psychic but I knew you'd be making an app! Best of luck to you and have fun!

  • Thanks guys!

  • @otem_rellik Good luck with the work, especially if you're finding pleasure in it.

  • @otem_rellik Sounds interesting, thanks for sharing. My hat's off to you, best of luck :)

  • It looks great and I am partial to drones, very cool

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