Audiobus with Memorie

Question about memorie in audiobus.
Possible to memorize the apps in audiobus and cal the apps back whats stored in a preset.
I dont no if it was asked in a other discussions?


  • I don't think so.

  • Hope audiobus is planning! Audiobus must hold projects, its the ipads future about music

  • Yes, I agree this is an absolute must. Also midi support would be cool. That way I don't have to keep track of what apps are running together.

  • you can do this with a small laptop or netbook. Or with a Win8 tablet I guess.

    Audiobus is not a plugin host. That is what you need to save and recall a session. Audiobus is just what the name says: an audio bus, an audio connector. There are some apps with host-like properties, you can use one of these to save entire sessions, but must remain in that microcosm. Does that make sense?

  • Phil, I think he's asking about presets for app setups, so that you could launch Audiobus, select a preset from the menu and have all the apps in that preset (ie. Sunrizer, Chordion, JamUp and Auria) all launch at once rather than having to open them all individually.

    This is one of the number one feature requests for Audiobus, if I recall correctly, and Sebastian has hinted in the past that it will be implemented.

  • We're definitely going to implement this. Either as part of the next update (likely) or after that.

  • Any ballpark estimates on the timing of the next update Sebastian? We won't hold you to it ;-). Just wanted a general idea.

  • Yes Micheal, thats right! I dont no what Phil means, but I wil do my research to yor suggestion. Wich app do you suggest? Only ipads i can use at this time.
    Thanks for all interests in this threat!

  • Thanks Sebastian, im looking forward, its a big plus!

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    what? Alright, please do, Sebastian. I just can't imagine how you want to do this. Seems impossible to me. You must access each developer's preset system, etc. But you know what you're talking about, so I sit straight up and wonder about another marvel you produce. This is grand.

  • I think when Sebastian updated audiobus with the option to memorise yore project, the other apps must have a update two to work with the memory option in audiobus!

  • @map I don't think other app's presets will be a part of it. At least not at this point. Just the apps themselves loading. Very few apps support midi program change.

    This threads reminds me of my own broken record: audiobus belongs inside of a daw like cubasis or auria. Not necessarily exclusively but why load another app when a daw could register itself as an audiobus host and do things like remember your apps and assigned tracks and send midi program changes and...

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    When you save Audiobus settings under a given preset name, all Audiobus needs to do is tell the resident apps to save their own settings under a derived name. When restoring that preset, Audiobus can load up the specified apps into the correct slots and then tell them to load up their own presets using the same derived name. Audiobus doesn't need to know anything about the way 3rd party apps store their presets. It does mean the 3rd party apps will all need updating to respond to the save and restore requests though.

  • Audiobus presets? I don't have this option. running here.

    I get more and more confused.

  • Phil, read the thread again, I think you've gone peculiar. :)

  • maybe some posts are written in the present instead of the future tense. Must be that.

  • it currently must have been.

  • @Phil999 a few of the posts are written in present tense but they were just discussing how it could be implemented, it is not in the current version of Audiobus. Merely a past discussion presently being consider for future versions of Audiobus

  • I wrote that post in the present because I figured most of you would want to read it immediately, rather than waiting until later...

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    I will have read it soon.

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