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Tribute to jakoB haQ -- Done with BeatHawk.

Hello Everyone:

I have just completed my first official track composed with iOS! I have decided to dedicate it to noted iOS musician, synth programmer, and video blogger, jakoB haQ of the Soundtest Room, whose plethoric tutorial videos have inspired me to try my hand -- er, fingers -- at the emerging genre of Apptronica. It was composed using UVI's BeatHawk app. Enjoy!

-- Lady App-titude


  • I liked this track, pretty funky with a good range of sounds / rhythmic interplay. Nice to hear a minor scale there too.
    Perhaps needs a bit doing to it more regarding mastering, but a very good first attempt nonetheless

    'Apptronica' - now that's a good name for a genre :)

  • Jakobs gonna be very very happy and touched too

  • edited August 2015

    This is a great track, bravo @Lady_App_titude !

    Now correct me if I'm wrong, which I very well could be because I'm associating it with jakob haq, but it sounds to me like there are elements from many of his tutorials embedded in this track...which is awesome! Either way, once again, excellent work.

  • edited August 2015

    Thanks for your kind comments. Only thing I sampled from jakoB was the "HaQ AttaQ" vocoder phrase (which I then proceeded to glitch up a bit).

  • Nice work with a great, tight and funky rhythm section throughout - and a thoughtful nod toward the talented Mr. Haq. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Funky synths. I like it. Great job! :)

  • @Lady_App_titude Omg, I'm honoured that you did this for me! I have no words for what I'm feeling right now. This is so sweet and I am unbelievable grateful! :)

    I really like the track, there are so many elements in it and I love the scale you've chosen. Well done and a HUGE thank you! =D

  • edited August 2015

    Much deserved, jakoB!

    Yes, I have always been intrigued with the relationship been the Spanish and Middle Eastern scales, which I suppose came to Spain through the Moorish influence.

    It was a playful adventure creating something like this with just my index fingers, whilst basically lying around on my back. This was, however, a 98% iOS effort at best. Full disclosure, I needed to tap the DAW for the phrase sampling/processing, and the final mix/mastering. But otherwise all sounds come from BeatHawk (mostly the default kit) -- and 100% composed in BeatHawk.

  • @Lady_App_titude -- Great track, and a great tribute.

  • My cat Hobbes served as a natural model for the cover art.

    He's the main Attacker over here!

  • Did Jakob die?

    Whuu... I saw tribute and thought he was dead.

    Glad he's not.

  • Just my way of saying thanks for all the inspiring videos

    Rumors of the haQ attaQer's demise are greatly exaggerated.

    However, they say if you play the tune Nebula Rasa backwards it says "I burried jaboB." :)

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