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Tengrino - Conjure 'Em to Dinner

Here is the second song "Conjure 'Em to Dinner" from "T101 - Introductory Séances", a seven piece project. Monotone Delay, iMini Synthesizer, Phawuo, Sector, E-Teremin, DM-1, Sugar Bytes Cyclop, Dahlia Delay, Auria, Final Touch, and of course Audiobus were used... Hope you enjoy! Please don't hesistate to like or share ;)


  • Dude! I love it! Some real healthy crazy going on there! makes me wanna punch cabbage! SLAW!

  • Great like the first song in your project. That synth in the first part of the song sounds like a mad theremin player. :)

  • Thank you, my dear friends, for your kind comments!!
    @AudioGus, punching cabbage?! I'll consider this and i'm serious!!! :D:D:D
    @mkell424, You really explained my intention wonderfully by saying "sounds like a mad theremin player" :)
    Stay tuned for my upcoming tracks!!

  • Great manic spirit stuff! Love the build towards the end :0

  • That's seriously twisted, loved that drummin'.

  • Thank you my dear fellows!!! Whenever you need some tune, manic ( @AlterEgo_UK ), twisted ( @knewspeak) or unsettling, Tengrino is at your serve ;) As i said before, stay tuned for more...

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