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a new Gadget song

edited August 2015 in Creations

this is maybe the most well-rounded track I've ever made - 100% Gadget. One of those magical tunes that just came together naturally in only 2-3 hours (with another hour or so doing some minor tweaks) Give it a listen below - Hope you like it as much as I do. thanks. (downtempo-triphop atmospheric track)


  • Wasn't very excited about the bass opening, but as soon as the piano came in I liked it.

    Love the marimba-ey whatever and you get a nice groove . Would like a little more fluidity/glide between the piano notes, not initially, but when it comes back 1.05, sounds a little rigid.

    The synth at 1.40 could be something similar but better (again, like everything just to these ears). Second half, the come back from 2.25 is great, I like the synth line here, half expect an electric guitar lead break. Would work well.

    Good stuff, now you just need to get some brilliant fool to sing something over it. I think this is the best thing I've heard you share here. Good effort keep it up.

    As it's now officially August 1st I'm somewhat relieved you didn't submit it to SOTMC - August; would have put the rest of us under intolerably early pressure :)

  • I thought of entering - will maybe submit another Gadget song I've got cooking. Thanks for the comments.

  • I like it. Very chill. The only thing is I would use a stronger bass sound or double it up. Great job!

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