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Nomads - Featuring: Thor, Korvpressor and Cubase IC Pro

Latest offering. iPad integrated into the hardware studio. Thor makes a guest appearance providing some high-end psychedelic squelch during the second section, fuelled with a healthy dose of Sweedish sausage by way of some Korv-pression.

I've also thrown a few more quid at Steinberg and put IC Pro on the iPad. A very handy tool that puts key commands at your fingertips and really speeds up some fundamental aspects of the workflow - despite the App Store making no mention of compatibility beyond Cubase 7.5 I took a gamble and it works a treat with 8 Pro.

As ever, feedback and constructive criticism welcomed and appreciated. Enjoy, cheers.


  • Nice breakdown in the middle. The arp synth is throwing me off as it is wobbling off the beat. Sounds good, I'm assuming it was an intentional feeling.

  • xenxen
    edited July 2015

    @Martygras said:
    Nice breakdown in the middle. The arp synth is throwing me off as it is wobbling off the beat. Sounds good, I'm assuming it was an intentional feeling.

    Thanks. That line started life as a kbbb baseline, which is why it's off the beat. Along the way I pitched it up and added some delay. I kind of liked the sense of tension it creates which is why it made it all the way through to the final mix, but I get what you mean about it throwing things a bit. To be honest, my main focus at the moment is getting ideas all the way through from sound design to mastering so I can hone and improve my production skills. I was getting stuck with just making loops and not pushing on and turning them into full tracks, so as long as an idea is half decent I'm forcing myself to stick with it to the end.

  • @xen said:

    Nice job. I get pushing through to the end instead of just having a bunch of loops, I have the same problem. This is not really my type of music but I really like the arpeggio that runs through the song. My one suggestion is I think the drums should cut through the mix a little more. It seemed a little quiet.
    Overall good job!

  • @xen Right up my alley. I'm not up on current genres for electronica but to me the begining part sounds like industrial bands like Front 242 and around 2:00 it sounds more like EDM (Trance?) What genre do you say the song fits into? Or is it a hybrid?

  • xenxen
    edited July 2015


    Thanks. I appreciate the point about the drums. They've lost some definition along the way. My monitoring set up is a mare. Small room which is crying out for acoustic treatment. It took me ages to get the balance right between the bass and the mids. It was getting really harsh when I pushed the volume. In the end I backed off the amount I was driving the compressors and limiter on the master bus and sort of took my ears off the drums along the way. I'm happy with the hats but the snare isn't really coming through the mix at all and the kick is a bit flat. I've remixed it three times in the last three days and just needed to draw a line. Plenty of lessons learnt for the next one.


    Good question. I always set out aiming for Goa/Psy trance. But you know how things are, tunes sort of take on a life of their own. I just put a track together based on what feels like its working. I used to listen to hard house back in the day, along with techno and dnb. Throw in a healthy dose of anything psychedelic - especially the original Goa stuff from the early / mid-nineties and you sort of end up with the stuff I'm turning out at the moment. Don't really know what genre you'd call it though. Glad you like it, cheers.

  • @xen: I enjoyed that - got my body swaying and my head a-bobbin'! :)
    Was that Arthur C Clark in the spoken sample at the start?

  • @xen It's cool you are able to cross genres and make it work. That makes the music even more original. :)

  • @AlterEgo_UK - Yes, I sampled a load of TV documentaries about 15 years ago and cut them up into phrases and passages. Glad it got you moving, means the track must be doing something right, cheers.

    @mkell424 - I'm getting there, it used to lead to an incoherent feeling and sections of my earlier tracks from a few years ago didn't really fit together. I'm getting to stage (finally) where the end results are tracks I'm happy with. There's always something to improve though, it's all about the journey, rather than the destination.

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