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More Fleksi!

edited July 2015 in Creations

Sorry, I've been feeling guilty about posting this but since there's Creations category I thought I take a full advantage of it. Again, heavy feedback most appreciated.

This track has been knocking about in my head for the last few weeks but didn't have any lyrics. I finally managed to scribble something and record it.

Also the purpose of the exercise is to filter out bad apples and come up with a killer 5/6 song set for the upcoming festival I'll be playing.


  • I really dig the groove, melodies, and performance. I'm certainly more old school, but I'd love to hear some kind of a funky snare pattern in either the verse or chorus to create more differentiation between those parts. Maybe even a second snare pattern that takes the instrumental sections further away from the main groove. I don't know if it's even possible, and these are only stylistic suggestions. The song is very cool as it is here, and you are charting musical territory I know nothing about. Good luck on the festival gig. Where is it?

  • One more thing: I've seen you play bass in some of your other stuff. Perhaps you could drop a funky bass line in one or more the aforementioned sections. Again, just a suggestion.

  • I like all of your music heard so far. Drums would give this one a drive as @supanorton said - especially if you play at night and not in the afternoon. The crowd will love it. I've seen you working Impaktor quite funky...

  • Vocal and guitar has a RHCP vibe!
    Agree a filtered squelchy bass and some funky snare would lift it

  • Thanks for posting, as always: nice rhythmic work with subtle changes. I also would love to hear some drastic funky "underbeat" sneaking in here, actually I hear it almost going on... . All the best for your performance. t

  • this is really good.
    I agree that there could be room for a bass guitar line, maybe a 'hooky' high register riff with some distortion?
    resist the tyranny of the downbeat snare! I like the tension without it :)

  • Pretty amazing and inspiring stuff. I really like the seamless way you create the music. Obviously well thought out, and worked on, but with so much possibility to 'play around'. Food for thought...

  • I am amazed that you can sound that good, and have all that going on live. That is my plan someday to hopefully try that. Of course a different style of music. That seems to be a signature style.

  • @supanorton yeah, I know what you mean. I've been planning to make more use of electric bass in my tracks but I'm too lazy to take it with me to live shows. I really like the dirt real instruments add but logistics are important as with set up like this there's a lot to think about as it is.

    There's no drums here because I normally perform with a live drummer so I kind of subconsciously leave that bit out. I've also noticed that drums tend to cover other not so obvious sweet rhythmical parts that happen @iamspoon when all of the other instruments intermix

    @Peanutcram I'd love to reintroduce Impaktor in my rig. I got kind of discouraged with some pops and clicks I've been experiencing in the last period I've used it. Nothing serious but I just couldn't tame the app even after spending long hours trying to make it work. Saying that your comment started the itch to dig it up and try it again ;)

    Thanks @animal me and the drummer will eventually get together and record something properly.

    @Fitz this is what I really like about this: the fluidity of the play. It somehow reminds me of jazz where you have the intro and the theme and everything else is quite random. It suits me coz my memory sucks. I sometimes find myself staring at the screen and going 'what now?'. When that happens I find solace in tweaking Turnado and Samplr. It seems like with these two, whatever one does always sounds good! And loopy is absolutely fucking amazing especially when looping very short 1/4 bar fragments while singing. Sounds like african chants.

    @High5denied yeah, the style. It is a wild and hard to tame beast. I used to write for my band long ago and some would complain about some songs being in a totally different style. The problem is that writing in one style is fucking boring. I guess that's where digital music helps.

    I often find myself facing decisions such as: 'should I use synth, guitar or melodica for that reggae chip' realising that those choices ultimately affect the overall style of the music.

    Haha @Tickletiger I used to boast how anything I play, guitar, bass or percussion, it always sounds funky. Now II run a mile when someone mentions funk ;)

  • @supadom Word of the day: Impaktor. There are just some apps you don't get or get on with, but then one day.....

  • @Supadom. Very nice indeed!
    A couple of questions if ya don't mind.

    Is the vocal and guitar looping happening in Loopy ?

    What is the controller above the Akai and what are you controlling with it?

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