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weird things, pt.2

Dear fellow members, I start a new thread for my contribution to the weirdness, since I can't ever open @monzo's thread anymore.

Apps used: Noatikl, Cyclop, IFretless Brass, Turnado, Mimix


  • Says the Man With Multiple User Accounts

  • What do you mean?

  • @mkell424: you, Sir, are speaking in tongues. You must have some super secret to keep, random and remote for a simple minded being like me. I guess I'm not supposed to understand...?

  • I like weird music..and I really like the crackly, dusty piano sound which works very well with the excellent video.

    Enjoyed very much, thanks @animal

  • @Runcell: thanks, very much appreciated

  • Sounds like you are dropping small objects onto the strings of a piano. ...and the beat is kinda irregular (wink) which makes it hard to dance to.

    I like it though.

  • @Martygras: thanks for watching and opinion. It's Noatikl generating and varying the initial sounds, the idea is, of course, to open the underlying structures, which leads to "not being easy to dance to", I guess. You think it should be more "dance-friendly"?

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