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The Haunting of Sally Caster (collab between Doug Woods and Colin Powell - A Multitude of One)

This started out as a demo from Doug Woods of The SoundtestRoom for a synth app called Jordantron in the style of Rick Wakeman, which was brilliant.

However, I thought it may also sound great as a full Prog Rock piece, so Doug very kindly sent me the Cubasis project and I added Drums (Bismark bs-16i). Bass (Cubasis Fingered Bass) and Guitar (through Jamup Pro).

It was a wapping 24 tracks in the end. Mixed in Cubasis and Mastered in Audio Mastering.

Stand by for a possible album based around this but we could be some time! :)


  • That was AWESOME.Epic! (The graphic looks cool)

  • Very nice additions to Doug's work. I think the guitar work is a really good.

  • @Flo where exactly is the guitar out of tune?

  • edited July 2015

    The song reaches very deep, back to a time when I was exploring the freedoms of my early adulthood.

    The guitar to me sounds very Mike Oldfield'esque, and if I may (pun? Brian??) say, Oldfield's guitar always sounded slightly 'off tune', but in a organic and highly personalized way, it might have something to do with the 'spirit of the age' ...

    Flo, sure, you specifically had to mention it, understandably, let me add, and I think you agree, surely it's not 'out of tune', yes, 'a little', it's ok, really, as you say:)

    Doug, and alteregoUK, nothing wrong there with your playing, it's fantastic! Really splendid!


  • Brilliant and epic prog music. Well done to both of you.

  • The track is of a specific age, and it's true you can listen to early Yes, Mike Oldfield, Genesis and pick out elements that may not fit together perfectly, which causes ocaccasioal dissonace, but I think I can safely say that the instruments are in tune

    Anyway we are going to try and put together a whole concept album based on Sally Castor and it will be unashameably rooted in retro prog rock, it's all about the fun

  • That was a great track!

  • A very well done track indeed! Great work guys!

  • @thesoundtestroom said:

    Anyway we are going to try and put together a whole concept album based on Sally Castor and it will be unashameably rooted in retro prog rock, it's all about the fun

    I can't wait to hear it!

  • edited July 2015

    After listening once again I would guess you may well be coming down with a cold Flo. I too sometimes hear tuned guitars sounding out when I am coming down with one. Thankfully I have many excellent tuners to take care of that problem however. That guitar was excellent sounding indeed.

  • Thanks, guys! As Doug said: "it's all about the fun" and I had a blast doing this! :)
    I look forward to working on the album too!


  • A great version of this already classic track! If the whole album is as good, I'll definitely get it.

  • Quite a brave undertaking to work in the prog-rock domain !

    A good stab at it and certainly ticks the buttons in being in the style of the genre. I thought it had some Tull-esque elements myself.

    I too think the guitar is out of tune between 0:50 and 1:37. I know that in the olden days this wasn't unusual, but people are more expectant of tuning and timing these days. Certainly a spirited attempt nonetheless !

  • I dig it. Love the instrumentation.

  • How odd is that?

  • I'm intrigued by the out-of-tune comment. I hear dissonance for sure, but I didn't get the sense of things being off at all...not wrong notes nor wrong tuning. But my ears ain't what they used to be, age is a factor and I'm curious if that plays in here? LOL-- It's actually a nice thought that perhaps my ear-brain system might filter out certain sour sounds?!?!

  • @TozBourne: if you listened this evening (after 5pm UK time) you probably heard an edited version! There was a short section of guitar that sounded very slight out of tune when it was pointed out to me. I checked and it was about 2 cents out! But because it had been pointed out I could hear it more and more so I had to re-record that section for my own sake! :)

  • @AlterEgo_UK. You are a saint.

  • @AlterEgo_UK said:
    lol supanorton :)

    LOL -- Nice artwork!

    This makes sense: When I re-listened it was the edited version. On the first listen I just didn't notice...or chose to ignore it or whatever. Mystery solved!

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