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Fleksi Live - Big Foot

recorded with my usual live looping rig. The usual suspects: loopy, sunrizer, samplr, turnado and effectrix


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    Was a great joy to listen - very nice! .. still listening...

  • Great !

  • Teach us to be like you. +++++!!

  • Good groove Mister. You are the multi-tasking machine. Please get the part at 6.15 when you finish the guitar, make a three minute song with that as the verse and have David Byrne (but from way back then) sing over it in maximum outraged herky-jerky.

    Question: Which instrument do you enjoy playing/performing the most?

  • Great groove!

  • I enjoyed that. @supadom Do you find that your setup influences your songwriting? Or did your songwriting influence the choice of equipment...maybe both?

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    Great melody and overall sound. :) Your voice and the instrumentation fits perfectly. I would guess you perform in a band or solo at clubs, etc.

  • Thanks for the ego tickle @NoiseHorse ;)

    Not sure @JohnnyGoodyear I'm convinced the fact that I play many instruments comes from the inability to learn one, properly. I also get bored with instruments and constantly buy or build new simple ones. I've built a couple of cajons and a steampunk thumb piano.
    As for the favourite it is a tough one. It's like with food, sometimes you feel like eating an apple, other times like eating stake. Best things come when you mix them up. Have you seem Ratatouille?

    As for multitasking, it is a compromise. My songs are pretty much all in A, C and E meaning it is mostly white keys. With C being the most comfy as I only know minor pentatonic scale on the keys. Also the sequences songs are never know the same because it is close impossible to remember all this stuff. It's hard enough to remember a whole set when I play bass in one of the bands. To overcome that I record a 'final take' of each song and tend to listen to it a few times for my memory to absorb it hoping when I play live it will just roll out.

    I'm also very aware of how boring looping can be to an average listener. Especially when recording longer loops. This is why I'm always trying to tweak or trigger something while I'm recording that loop (especially vocals because my hands are free). Here Samplr can be great as you can simply touch the screen and you already have a new element in the mix. I'm trying to avoid app switching as much as possible and keep most other apps in the background. There's no reason to have loopy or turnado in the foreground if things are mapped to controllers. Also Samplr has got that visual punch which I think helps.

    @Vecoto I've been writing songs for many years. Loads of them. my songwriting has evolved in parallel with the music I was listening at the time which is very eclectic. I love chord progressions and unexpected chord chucked in the mix a la Bacharach or Costello. I also love loopy electronic music. I have other projects where I can keep enjoying the traditional songwriting process but Fleksi is the best compromise I could come up with. It's true, it is limiting with chords but is so liberating in every other way. Here I can mix techno, blues, funk and dub on the fly, under one roof from a cabin sized suitcase with a mic attached to it. It is a creative songwriter's wet dream. When I first started to think about building an iPad based rig I had an inkling of the potential but to be honest I'm gob smacked myself just how well it works. This clearly is largely due to last year's software development leap on iOS.

    So yeah it is a compromise or maybe a limitation that in a perverse way brings creativity? It's true that it is impossible to come up with a bass line that will match with every chord in a sequence but the bass line can be tweaked to accommodate more chords so there's harmonic variation in the song. But going back to the original question it definitely is a bit of both.

    @mkell424 I don't perform in front of people as much as I would like to. I have a couple of local festival coming up with Fleksi and gigs do come in regularly with my other band so things are moving. Performing live is a completely different beast from the sofa tweaking. No tea breaks, sun reflects off the screen at outdoor gigs, the sound/acoustics is less perfect Also your brain has to deal with much more when you're on stage. Also when playing a set it normally is 5 or 6 songs so there's a lot of stuff that needs to happen in a very short space of time and shitloads to remember too. This is why one of my cardinal rules is to keep things as simple as possible. Having 2 or 3 iPads on stage sounds enticing but setting up and managing all that sounds like a nightmare.

    Sorry guys that I went beyond the call of duty with my answers but I don't often get asked these questions. Thanks for the great feedback, much appreciated (He steps off the soapbox)

  • Totally cool, man. Kick ass groove and soulful melodies.

  • Nice video and performance, very much appreciated, as always. Also thanks for the rant, I like what you do, man!, including the camerawork.

  • edited July 2015

    Cheers guys. I guess the 'rant' came out because there's so many things regarding looping, never get asked. So they gather and gather until 2 busses arrive at once and it all pours out. A celebrity moment I suppose. It also is an ego blow when you've posted your shiny new video and hardly anyone notices it. It makes you revalue your own worth and can squash the less-convinced.

    I'm still torn between the idea of making music purely as an art-form notwithstanding the audience and playing for the audience and/or feeding back from the joy their experience listening to your stuff.

  • Good work, Great song, Enjoyed very much.. Thanks @supadom

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    @supadom said:
    ... It also is an ego blow when you've posted your shiny new video and hardly anyone notices it.

    We've been silent just because we're jealous of your display of drumming skills after all this time posing as a keyboard/guitarist... maybe its just me... ;-b

    your great is getting even better. How do you do it? perform the song/loop live, then play drums over it on a playback of the performance?

  • Yes, you look good. Bring it on, @supadom.

  • Thanks @crzycrs I needed that.

    Funny you should say that @Hmtx. I'm still playing drums like a guitarist. I'm too much in the air and not grounded enough. Basically lack gravity or punch. I also lack punctuality esp. noticeable with snare. The drummers here will probably know what I mean. That unfortunately comes with a thoughtful practice and I don't get to play much, probably once a week for 10 mins. Lucky to get that with 2 small kids I suppose. ;)

  • The Talking Heads are back, wrapped up in one guy!

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