[Loopy] visual count-in

A visual indicator for the count-in in the connection panel would be great.


  • Seconded. It's always funny when I start playing at what I think is the right time and see the record button still green, then start playing at the next bar and see the record button STILL green, and then wonder if I've set the loop length right so stop, and then at the start of the next bar the record button turns red. Grrrrr.

    Oh, another one for Loopy: the ability to delete the last recorded loop directly from the Audiobus side panel. I'm sure we all get our performance wrong sometimes, and being able to get rid of our error immediately rather than having to return to the main Loopy app would be very convenient.

  • Another vote for count-in here.

  • Yep, need this

  • +1 for both the visual count-in and the "delete last recording" button in Audiobus side panel.

  • +1 for visual count-in

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