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Can audioshare handle midi files?

Thought I read that AS supports midi files??
How would I copy my cubasis(or bm2/any) midi files into


  • Yes, AudioShare support midi files. The ways to get midi files into AS are:

    • use 'open in' from another app
    • copy and paste it from the general pasteboard
    • using the AudioShare SDK to instantly export a midi file from the implementing app into AS
    • import it from Dropbox
    • copy it from your computer using iTunes File Sharing (or iFunBox)

    The first three needs the sending app to implement that technique, obviously.

  • Jonatan,thank you.
    AS has become the hub for everything I do with my ios/mac music.
    Priceless bit of kit.

  • How could I get a midi file from AS into beatmaker 2 or another daw?

  • Use open in...

  • Yea I have a bunch of midi files stored in an Audioshare folder.

  • @Sava66.

    BM2 doesn't show up as one of the 'open in' DAWs on my ipad.

    If you keep your finger held on the midi file name in the Audioshare library,you get the option to Dropbox tho.

    Hope that helps, but am sure Jonatan,(the dev)will get back to you and give a definitive answer.

  • That's because the "Open In..." Only shows a certain number of apps in no specific order (most recent, alphabetic, etc) so if you have a lot of apps like most then it might not show up.

  • Does BM2 support 'open in...'?

    I didn't think so. But @JMSexton is right. The messy organisation of open in app choices is frustrating. Hope a fix is included with Ios7.

  • We hoped for a fix of "open in" also in ios6, but got none.. :/

  • Does that mean there is still 'hope' in ios7?

  • Hope is the last thing you lose, as the saying goes? But I don't know actually, haven't installed the ios7 beta on any device yet.

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