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New/Old Korg Gadget song

Hey dudes. Here is a song I finally got around to uploading and wanted to share. It's on older one made by my girlfrind in gadget (all instruments) and cubasis (her vocals). I mixed everything in cubase on my pc and added some raps.


  • That is very, very excellent. Love it.

    Did you do all the glitching at the end in Cubase?

  • I like it. Very unusual and distinct and keeps the attention, production is clear and like how u both did vocals too. Love the glitchy accordion and, overall a very refreshing change for me. Please make more!

  • edited June 2015

    Really good stuff. Would like her lead vocal (especially early) up higher in the mix. She's good.

  • Thanks!

    @matt, All the music was done in gadget by robin, all I did in cubase to the music was some compression/eq.
    @johnny, Totally, re-listening on some different speakers and I'm definitely going to bring them up.

  • Great track! Curious, does your girlfriend go by
    Shockermom on Soundcloud? I was already following her and saw Shockermom reposted this after it was posted on here. Your stuff is great too. This track reminds me of something by Astronautalis.

  • Haha, yes that is her! Someday we are going to start a joke band called shockermom and meat dad. Thanks! Mr. Astronautalis is an old friend and big inspiration for me!

  • Cool track. It's professional enough be on a real label. Have you and girlfriend tried it yet?

  • Very good. As said, louder vocals please. You're other tracks are equally great.

  • Great track, and love the vocals

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