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New chillout instrumental from LoungeBots

Much Audiobus used here, primarily for recording guitars, Thor, iGrand and Synthmaster. Arranged and mixed in NanoStudio and finalized in Auria.


  • Very well mixed, mastered, arranged and played.. Much appreciated :)

  • Sounds good @peanut_gallery, nice guitar tone. Could definitely imagine cruising to that. Is that gated synth Thor?

  • Very nice. Melody and production are excellent. Great choice of instruments too. :)

  • Thanks all!

    @1nsomniak: The guitars were done by Shawn McClure, who occasionally stops by these forums. The gated synth was actually from Synthmaster. I went trawling for patches the other evening and found that the gated synth fit very nicely into the track (took a while to get to it, since it was at the bottom of a very long list of sounds).

  • Great job @peanut_gallery. Good vibe, execution, and production. All instruments ride and fit well.

  • edited June 2015


    Listening on it for fifth times now, pretty special, fresh!

  • nice track!

  • Thanks all for the listens, and glad you are enjoying the track! Our band's first track was an instrumental, and this is the only second instrumental we've done in the two years we've been together.

  • Something tells me you won't be needing Nanostudio for too much longer. Nice all around tune. I like how the iGrand sits in the mix. I'm hoping you didn't have to futz with that track too much to get it to sound that good. Oh, and the photo really sets the mood for the piece. I could see myself cruising around while listening.

  • @Martygras said:
    Something tells me you won't be needing Nanostudio for too much longer.

    Do you know something about the new NS ? :D

  • @Martygras: Thanks for the kind words about the track!

    Is NS2 on the horizon? I've been using NS pretty much since day 1, so between knowing it's ins and outs, and having a decent pair of headphones, means I didn't have to muss and fuss too much with the mix (but it is the product of developing listening/mixing/NS skills over a two year period). Though I still have a lot to learn.

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