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rEvolution2015-new dnb from myself

Going out on a limb here..very dark, very lofi , very scifi's not finished I'm posting for the feedbacks

Used quite a bit of Attack and Darwin on the fx patches on Darwin loads, just wish it had more fx options within itself..


  • Lots of texture and mood. Good backing/canvas for something. Now what?

  • Hi Johnny !!!!

    Had a feeling u would comment.

    Thanx for acknowledging texture and mood

    As far as "now what" is concerned , I'm gonna bring the break into Abu Dhabi and work the sequence tighter I think

    Lots of one bar chops and changes

    Sound good? What would you suggest

    @JohnnyGoodyear said:
    Lots of texture and mood. Good backing/canvas for something. Now what?

  • As in vocals? Lol, get me a singer then, the good ones charge...

    @JohnnyGoodyear said:
    Words :)

  • edited June 2015

    Making a song with no words, and keeping it interesting from start to finish is more of a challenge to me.

    With words you can get away with a more repetitive background/backing. Just my humble opinion though, I'm not discriminating, I like words as well..And good job so far @touchconspiracy cheers.

  • Cool sounds, drums are a bit different for dnb which is interesting.

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