Sending midi from PC/MAC to iPhone/iPad/iPod over WIFI

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I have found a few ways to control midi on my computer using my iPad as an midi controller but is there a way to do it the other way around? I have the m-audio keyrig49 but do not own hardware that would allow me to attach it directly. So is there any apps/programs that can allow me to do this over wifi?

My Appologies for posting something non Audiobus related here but I have not been able to get my answer elsewhere.

Thanks in advance.


  • Ask and ...

    Summary.. you need..

    ipad on wifi
    mac on wifi
    midi - keyboard connected to mac

    run 'audio midi settings'
    create a network midi setup
    enjoy the magic.

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    @zaphoddd Aww man. That's perfect. However I do not own a MAC.. I thought the wish of making this work with my PC was too much. Dam. Should've mentioned I have a PC. My bad. Great info for MAC owners that don't have midi interface though. Thanks a lot for the response though man. :-)

  • Ryan all you need is rtp-midi

    Send midi in both directions.

    Hope this is what you are looking for.

  • @Tlgdmb123 Holy cow!! I think this is it. Nice! I will try this out and post my results back here. Awesome, Thank You.

  • Confirmed. It works. Was very easy to setup. Having a little problem with velocity control but for FREE!!! This is great. Thank you so much. :-)

  • How did it worked? Which app should I use in my ipad mini which can send midi messages to my wifi? I basically want to use the garage band's keyboard or Sampletanks's pitch keyboard to play VST in my Cubase in PC. Is it possible?

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    It won't work with Garageband. Garageband doesn't have any kind of midi out and it needs to have midi out to make that work. Sorry @anilnc. You can try to ask apple for midi-out in a garageband review.

  • I just tested rtpMidi with my desktop PC and my iPad over my home network. There were quite a few dropped 'note-on' messages, and a delay between key press and sound out of my Animoog of around 250ms latency. Also I had one annoying lost 'note-off' message. The interesting thing is RTP shows latency mostly below 10ms with some short bursts of 130ms.

    I have used touchable iPad app with Ableton on a dedicated router and that works fine - but I don't think the timing is as much of a factor with clip launch and volume setting or even X/Y automation. Perhaps OSC is faster?

    We may well still be in a wired midi world until the kinks are ironed out, but I will try using a dedicated router as well as adhoc wireless connections and see if there is much difference.

  • @Mu55yntrance Oh for sure... midi over wifi is super lame.. Unless you absolutely need to control it from the other side of the room It's not a solution.. OSC is much faster, or so i've heard. :-)

  • MIDI over wifi is actually pretty good between two iOS devices (I know, off topic) and also decent between Mac and iOS. just FYI, since Mac was mentioned in the discussion title.

  • To get reasonable performance you need to set up an ad-hoc network. Your PC will let you do this. May be called "computer to computer" or such. Once it is up your iPad will see it in settings. Connect to it.

    This cleans up dropped notes etc and brings latency way down to useable live levels.

  • Yep, ad-hoc is the key.

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