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Adjusting Internal Mic Gain on Iphone

Hi All, I'm just getting my mobile studio up and running using Audibus into Jamup, then bm2. Great Stuff! I'm having trouble figuring out how to adjust the internal mic without the output volume going up as well. It's crazy there's no setting for this in the iPhone that i can find. Anyone know how? Thanks Alot


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    ehh...what is the point in adjusting the mic if you don't want that the output volume is going up or down - depending on what you mean by adjust.

    What do you want to adjust if it isn't the volume? To me it is like trying to figure out how to walk without moving.

    Apart from this, my guess is that you can adjust the output level of the mic in bm2. It will however be of influence to the volume :)

  • Maybe stick an eq pedal after your delays at the end of your jamup chain and use the level control?

  • Hi, What i meant is it seemed the only way to turn up the mic is by turning up the system volume. Ive now learned its not possible to adjust the mic gain within the iphone, but only through certain capable apps. I dont think the input level adjuster on Jamup is adjusting the mic gain itself, but amplifying its output. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    The problem is the mic is set with low gain as well as AGC(automatic gain control) for all around user friendliness, but at the expense of sound quality and proper gain staging. I found an audiobus compatible app call boss jock. It disables AGC and has gain adjustment and apparently makes the mic sound quite a bit better.
    I know an external mic is the way to go, but with the quality that the internal is capable of, I think its worth being able to tap that.

  • Although bossjock does cost so if anyone knows a free way to do this, I'd be interested to know.

  • Have you tried Audiobus' Measurement Mode in AB settings?

  • You can either lower the overall volume in jam up or within the input section of bm2. Double tap on the coloured bit of that track in track view. Then adjust input gain in the pop up window.

  • "Input Gain" setting is built into Audiobus. Doesn't this do what you want?

  • Not shure if it does what you want, but a free app is Vocalive Free

  • Audio share will do it. Put it in the input of audiobus if you want to get to other apps for output, or no audiobus needed if you just want to record into audio share. Although in the screenshots it's in audiobus and measurement mode is enabled ( disables high pass filter and auto gain). Notice on the lower left that the mic gain is reduced from -0 in first photo to -4 in the second photo.

    If you're still on iPhone 4s by the way , tascam Im2 is a great mic for peanuts if you can find one. I got mine for $18 from amazon last year. It works with the 30 pin to lightning adapter too I'm told, but that may be too much weight hanging off of the phone.

  • Wow, what a great, helpful community. Ill check this out.Thanks! The problem with raising the gain in Audiobus or Bm2 is that it amplifies the low signal to noise ratio of the mic, I don't think it's adjusting the mic gain at the source. The Audiobus input gain in particular makes the mic very noisy as I turn it up. Ill report back.

  • Hey, so reporting back on this. Measurement Mode was exactly what I was looking for, though it isn't working in 8.3. I contacted Bossjock studio to ask them to test that functionality in 8.3 and they responded that AGC disabling and mic gain adjustment isn't working via audiobus and IAA like it did before this iOS update. So it seems that this functionality isn't happening with the new iOS for now. Thanks for the responses!

  • Apple continues to screw up functions musicians find useful...I wonder if measurement mode is disabled now or just not working because of a bug.

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