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Beatmaker 2 on board, but not quite.

edited December 2012 in App Tips and Tricks

I noticed that Beatmaker 2 was in the selection set on Audiobus after downloading an update yesterday. I have tried to go from NLog as a source to Beatmaker 2. When I get to the Beatmaker 2 side the Audiobus sidebar does not show up as it does in all the other apps. I went back out to Audiobus and Beatmaker 2 always shows up as being asleep. I wake it up, it asks if I want to start a new song (again). Same thing happens, no side bar. Go out, sleep again, go in, no side bar.

I'm deleted BM2 and am now in the process of downloading it again.

Has anybody had any luck with Beatmaker 2 yet? (I am also puzzled why there is no modulation wheel in Beatmaker 2, but that is a whole other subject.)

Audiobus is a great project by the way.

Thank you,


  • Hi Shawn-

    Audiobus support is not in Beatmaker2 yet, but it's coming.

  • This means that BM2 has been registered in Audiobus's developer system, which helps during development of Audiobus support for an app. You'll note that they are not listed on the Apps tab because they do not yet have a release out that supports it.

    Currently one way for a developer to avoid this unwanted "exposure" is to create an alternate name/id for the app when testing it with Audiobus and register that, and then changing the registration when the update goes live.

  • Ahh, ok. I had just gotten done reloading Beatmaker 2 with the same results. Anyway, really happy it is going to be onboard.... now about that mod wheel. Ha ha.

    Thank you,

  • Yes and Sebastian made me uninstall and install Audiobus several times, including booting. I told you it was there :))) trollmode

  • shows he's got a sense of humour!

  • Dude... not cool telling people I'd be so cruel when in fact I rarely am. Very rarely.

  • You have to know he has a good sense of humor. Just look at the white shadows in Audiobus. Yes, I noticed... ;-)

  • Sebastian that was a joke. :) hence the smileys and the trollmode :))))

  • Joke's on you: You didn't get my 'I'm only rarely cruel' thing either!!1

  • Got me on that one :) i'll shut up now.

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