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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.


Hi... My name is Daath7 and I am an Appaholic! I have to admit I haven't made an App beat/song in 2 to 3 weeks! I just keep searching for new updates. So I am gonna take a break from searching and dig in to all these wonderful apps for a while. I will still stop in here to check on my Family ( I love you Guys and Gals ). back to the music!!!! Cya


  • I understand, I am a fellow sufferer.

  • I have a partial song written called "Appaholic" work in progress right now!

  • Look forward to gat one!

  • name is Doug and I'm a appaholic, it has been 2 hours since my last app..

  • name is Dave and I too suffer from appaholism. My first app was Bebot cause he looked so cute! And now I check for 'Bus updates 3times a day! Sometimes I feel like I've fallen into my Ipad and can't get up! I may need an app intervention, I don't know!

  • @Daath7 I was just going to start a topic along these lines.

    I'm being suffocated by all the goodness!
    It's time to unplug and get back to them quiet corners and create with what I got!

  • My name is Fabio and I'm an appaholic. I took 100+ new apps since I got addicted last september, and today my hands are trembling because I found I really don't need anymore apps, got all the apps I wanted. Please devs, release more apps!!!

    But seriously, there's a big problem in having so many apps. Sometimes I just keep looking at all those icons on the screen trying to decide which app to use when starting a new composition. From time to time, I just keep playing with a lot of them and nothing gets past the sketch state. We really need concentration when composing with the iPad.

  • @jackfancy I hear ya! when I started years ago my sampler had 12 sec. sampletime and I got more stuff done! Now with all this goodness I find myself just staring at the screen! Would I go back... Hell No!!! I just need the time to intergrate it all into my workflow.

  • Me too. And honestly, the last few posts in this thread are the main arguments for keeping Nanostudio an Audiobus free zone! I still actually finish stuff in Nanostudio. Has just enough options for a fella like me.

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    Sometimes the solution is to impose your own limits. Base a song on one app or even one sounds. Make a complete track with just two or three apps. Make something in a style you wouldnt normally use. Anything like this can get over temporary app-paralysis (apparalysis?!).

  • @PhilW Great idea and Great word!

  • We are almost at saturation point in terms of Audiobus supporting apps I think.

    Definitely loved the ride so far, next needs to be midi I think.

    Lack of true midi support is an inspiration/creativity killer in itself in some respects.

    I agree with Phil, impose you own limits. I think some of us may well be on a comedown of sorts....the forum fizzing with possibility and new apps everyday starting to go flat.

    Opportunity cost is also a very real factor as you look at your apps and each choice you make has attached a cost to it by not choosing something else, this then makes the choice less satisfying because there is so many other options :)

  • You have to keep looking for new apps (for obvious reasons!) because new ones keep showing up - even if it's more a question of quantity if not quality - and especially where AudioBus compatibility is concerned... I think I saw a couple of new ones just the other day!

    I, too, am an appaholic.

  • Hiding in the corner in shame here.

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    Im slowly starting to see a change of pattern in my way of buying apps.
    Im choosing quality over quantaty theese days, or at least i've managed to convince myself that i do. :)

  • Just keep telling yourself that Kloon. You can run but can not hide.

  • Hi, my name is David and I am an Appoholic.

    Linits is fine, great even, and I've had fun (even at the bottom of the results) entering a few competitions with silly restrictive rules. But the biggest problem is as @FRebeiro pointed ou - choice freeze staring at all those Icons trying to decide which one to limit myself to.

  • I move all the apps I am currently using to the first page on the pad. I then only look for another app if an idea pops up. I then move that to the same page. This way you can see what you need to concentrate on in the present. Otherwise you end up scrolling between 15 pages and their sub-pages and getting nothing done.

    Sorry, forgot to mention it my name is Tony and I am indeed an appoholic....."not that there's anything wrong with that"

  • As a very slowly recovering appaholic, I agree about setting reasonable limits as well as watching out for dangerous situations. After spending an ungodly amount of money on apps while waiting for flights over the holidays, I've instituted a "no-airport-app-buying" rule for myself. And obviously "no drunk or hungover app-shopping" is a great rule. I've also found that I can resist a lot of impulse purchases by just telling myself to think about it overnight. And I've tried to become a lot more resistant to situations of false urgency (eg. some synth that I'll never used dropped to 75% off for "one day only!") I'm still struggling (as the hundreds of dollars of charges on my last credit card show), but at least I think I have more of a handle on things. My saintly fiancee has treated my struggles with amusement so far, though I suspect she's just filing all this away.

  • Appoholic Ian here.
    But I'm not at this place to dry out.
    I can justify my problem:
    I don't smoke,
    I don't drink,
    I don't gamble,
    I'm not allowed to sojourn with loose women,
    I don't like shoes, handbags, fast cars, mo-bikes.
    Therefore, because it is clear my life is utterly empty of pleasure, excitement, friends, or fun I get my solace from regular music indulgences from the app store.
    (People I know spend $30 a day on smokes - buying a $10 app once a week is nothing.)
    See, it's easy when you try...

  • @Yan I'm with you there.

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  • Unrepentant appaholic here. The allure for me is musical knowledge. Back in the desktop/daw era, I felt like the timeline/plugin paradigm wasn't teaching me what I wanted to learn. Nowadays, I feel each app is like a book to read, each one showing a possible way to create. It's really interesting to get into the mind of the developer, and try to see why they chose their particular focus. Unhinging myself from the old ways has been great, where's that next app?!?

  • For me, the immediacy, quality, and affordability of these apps are worth consideration. If there is a great deal on an app, I think it is worth it if you compare it to your potential usage. For what 10 years ago would have ran you into thousands of dollars, you can acquire amazing sounds at a fraction of the price. I don't know if this would help or justify your concerns, but perhaps you could create a challenge for yourself to complete an album featuring every music app you have. Or you could set out to create a song at a time featuring a different app each time. Then you would be closer to using all of them. You might find the limitations a blessing, as you might discover sounds you hadn't noticed before and you might learn more about your apps if you stick to one at a time. Just some thoughts. Good luck!

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    Hi, I'm Dom and I'm a mostly unrepentant appoholic. I used to be more impulsive before. Now I check yt videos and reviews before I take a plunge. Recently I develop a technique where I stop myself at the point where I have to enter the password, then probably buy it anyway the following day. My last fix: turnado. I'm thinking of Cubasis now but helpful souls on this forum are helping me to hold back reporting shed loads of bugs.
    Saying that I find that buying some more creative apps helped me with creative side of things, or so I Keep telling myself to continue with the habit.
    I occasionally balance my addiction by buying hardware.

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