iMini overdubbed 14 times and 1 Drumloop.

Started this in Loopy HD with one imported drum loop from Instant Drummer then added a further six tracks of iMini, then recorded that into Cubasis while mixing in Loopy HD then added a further nine overdubs with iMini in Cubasis. All made possible with Audiobus. If you listen please listen till the end where there are some nice effects. So everything you are hearing is iMini, No FX where added in Cubasis except some EQ on the Drums.


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    Posted the link on the Arturia form.
    Maybe it's this spring air or something but
    wanted to spread the luv with those boi's.
    Was so surprised when they joined the bus.
    Thought table flop had them locked in.
    Keep up the good work that man.

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    Btw judging from my previous interactions with them the Retronyms/Tabletop guys are really nice human beings. Just saying.

  • That's awesome. Plus it convinced me to buy imini, breaking my rule not to buy more apps for a little while!

  • I'm sure they are Seb,but table flop kept crashing on me and kept loosing my toons.

  • I think everyone can make an exception to relapse in their app-rehab for worth it!

  • Very Happy the Man when that lead riff comes in at 1.43. Nice tune.

  • Thanks guys, I have Table Top and have used it a lot, there are a few of my things on Soundcloud. My only issue is that it's cpu hungry, on my iPad2 I only managed to get 3 iMini's running at the same time, now I know its not the same but with this track I have 9 audio tracks running, 1 for the Loopy bounce and a further 8 for the iMini and the Cubasis cpu meter wasn't even at halfway. Still TT is a nice program and thier way of managing tracks and loops is nothing short of genius.

  • Really good that.
    @Theoundtestroom - Just out of interest on your Ipad2 do you find that when in Cubasis the screen gets dimmer and dimmer? So much so that you have to close and reopen the app to get the brightness back? This continues to be a bit of a problem for a few cubasis users even with the latest update despite tweaking a few things on the ipad. Would be interested if this happens to you. The devs are working on this but it doesn't appear to be a universal problem and the only workaround they advise at present is the closing and opening of the app until sorted.
    Meanwhile please keep up with the videos they are so useful to inexperienced users like me. I am learning such a lot from you, Ryan and Derek and all the others (bit unfair to single out you three but I mean to include everyone really)

  • I use an iPad 2 and I've never noticed the screen dimming in Cubasis, but then I've only just upgraded from iOS v5.1.1.

  • Iv'e never had that problem and Cubasis is used everyday, i am sure that Stienberg will rectify this ASAP. And thanks for comments on the Vids.

  • Yes I have noticed an issue with the screen dimming in cubasis when it is in an Audiobus slot.

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