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  • I currently use a Guitar Rig Session IO with Mainstage 2 on my macbook. Does anyone know if this little device is "class compliant"? I can't find any information on it whatsoever. My iPad is coming soon, but without plugging it in and seeing if it works, is there another way to know?

    I started this thread a couple of days ago that will explain my needs if you have any suggestions.

  • Hey I plan to get Apogee Jam.I am going to connect it through a iPod touch 5g Os 6.Has anyone tried using the 3rd party lightning to 30 pin connectors ? The genuine connector is damn expensive in my country.I would prefer to buy some effects instead. The apogee jam has an a/d converter so will that help ?The 3rd party lightning connectors can only charge and sync but don't support audio and video. Please let me know.Thanks.

  • I haven't tried any 3rd party adapters, but if it doesn't support audio, I don't see how that would work. The Apple adaptor has worked fine for me. I think I paid around $20 for it in the US. Not cheap, but not too bad.

  • The apogee jam and others like it (guitarjack2, AmpKit link HD) all have A/D integrated so their connection to the device is digital (effectively USB). Thus I would expect all lightning connector adaptors would work with them, although I only have experience with Apple's.

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    Apple lightning port has only digital I/O and audio is through the 3.5 mm audio port.Now in order for the audio to work through the lightning port we need the original adapter which has a special chip which converts a to d and vice versa. But the Apogee Jam has inbuilt A/D converter so the signal is digital when it passes through the Apple device.So it may work with the 3rd part Apple lightning to 30-pin adapter.Please let it work.You guys think my logic makes sense ?
    Let me know.
    Thanks.Will update soon if it really works.Fingers crossed :S

  • I get what you're saying. It might work. I'd recommend checking the sellers return policy though.

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    "3rd party... Don't support audio and video" - I think this refers to videos playing out to a TV. the recent dock connector and lightning connector don't have a dedicated audio line anyway, it's all digital as far as I know.

    The Apogee Jam converts to digital, so it would use the same signal path as syncing your device on iTunes, right?

    Anyway, I think the problem people have is the fact that digital real time audio sends a lot of data so the cable needs to be top quality to handle it without errors... This isn't an authoritative answer, but I'm just summarizing what I've heard. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    So basically, a 3rd party connector might work, but there no way to tell for sure before you buy. I'd buy something with a good refund policy. ;-)

    EDIT: one more thing, always refresh your browser before answering on this forum. Three more knowledgeable people will answer before you and make you look like a fool. :-)

  • I use the Jam with the little Apple 30 pin lightning adapter (not the one with the short cable) with no probs on my iPhone 5.

  • Just for info: The Apple 30 pin lightning adapter WITH the short cable works with Apogee Jam too. :)

  • Is anyone in the fortunate position of being able to test and compare the Apogee Jam and new iRig HD guitar interfaces, or know of any comparison reviews? They are now around the same price point (here in the UK) and neither use the headphone input. I currently use the old iRig and was waiting for the new iRig HD (not expecting it to be quite so expensive). Now both are similarly priced I wonder whether one has more to offer than the other (and I don't just mean the iRig HD comes with more pop-ups! ;) )

  • I just have the Jam here, but I would be curious to hear about any differences as well. I'm waiting for IK to offer blocking their pop-ups as an IAP ;-)

  • Ha ha funjunkie27! Cracked me up this morning!

  • I' m a long time Apogee Jam user, and got the iRig HD yesterday - today i should have time for testing ;-)

  • @Sam23. That's great. Thanks!

  • @Sam23 any news on the iRig HD/Apogee Jam comparison yet? :)

  • sorry for the delay, the last days have been very busy, family and job wise
    i hope, i will be able to post my comment the next day(s)


  • @Sam23 OK, No problem, I know how these things can get in the way of one's music ;-)

  • Hey just a heads up to people planning to buy 3rd party 30 pin to lightning connectors for apogee jam to work with their apple devices.Its doesnt work.You need genuine connector.

  • A question for those lucky souls who have apogee jam+any app [amplitube or jamup or ampkit] and a line 6 pod.Is the quality/functioning similar ?

  • Mobile pod had been updated to include audiobus compatibility. Time to blow the dust off the guitar :-)

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    So after playing around with it quite a bit this weekend,
    I can honestly say...

    (Behringer UCG-102) + (Lightning CCK) + (ipad mini) + (Amplitube Fender) = bliss!!!

    I really don't see spending $100 on an irig HD or an Apogee Jam, when they don't even include a line-out. And for $40 this device has one.

    I am thoroughly impressed with the UCG-102.
    It works right off of the CCK, and the ipad will power it, so no USB hubs necessary.

    I even tried it with my keyboard, because I wanted to use a Line-out, instead of the headphone jack on my ipad. And it worked well for that too, of course in that case I did need a powered hub, because I was connecting my midi keyboard and the UCG to the ipad at the same time. But it worked just fine like that.

    If you need something like this, please give it a look, because even if it were the same price as the HD or Jam I would still prefer it. But it's less than half the price which is even better.

    After looking just now, I see that the UCG is 16bit/48Khz versus the irig HD which is 24bit/48Khz, so I guess that is part of the reason it's less expensive. But anyway, it sounds great.

    But the fact that this is USB versus lightning or 30pin, is huge.
    Because I can connect it through a hub and connect other stuff with it, like a USB mic or midi controller, or both.

  • For Summary (based on my experience)

    Never ever use iRig for recording, it will cause you pain in your head! You need to lay down on your volume to reduces 'hisses', but then you will get another vertigo trying to mixing up with another track (I tried several recording using Midi + Audiobus and trying another guitar and bass tracks using iRig and the volume is really-really low)

    You can use noise gate but that won't affect much when iPad picking signal.

    If you still insist on cheaper solution (e.g subs 50$?), then go with AmpKit Link, less noise.
    My preference goes like this (better preference on top)
    1. Apogee Jam (Too pricey!)
    2. Line6 Mobile In (Using dock, better than AmpKit Link)
    3. AmpKit Link

    If you want much more better sound, use docking port (haven't tried HD (iRig/AmpKit) since it is not released yet on my country).
    For portability, I believe this HD thing would be the best (iPad + HD interface)

    My best solution so far is using CCK + USB compliant soundcard (it will cost you more than 150$ though IMO) but in some way it lacks portability since you will need powered hub for most USB compliant soundcard, or try to search for one with battery power ;)

  • @wienzzz For audio, I use a Behringer UCA222 USB interface (£23) plugged into a 3rd party camera connection kit (£7). That gives me stereo line in and line out, headphone output with switchable input/output monitoring and an SPDIF optical output. All powered by the iPad.

  • @PaulB oh, I am talking about official CCK which cost somewhat around 35$ here :)
    I actually use 5$ CCK from China also. LoL.

    UCA222 + CCK is decent setup IMO, but again, you need another connector since it only accept RCA + Phantom is unavailabe. So, it should be better to invest some more and buy more powerful soundcard.. But hey, buying connector/adapter likely would cost less than upgrading soundcard though, I just don't really want to bring a lot of stuff in terms of portability :D

  • My entire recording studio (other than the full size 88 key weighted keyboard) fits in a lightweight fabric shoulder bag that cost me £1.50. I hardly know it's there.

  • Well, I decided against going for the iRig HD or Apogee Jam and just bought a 1/4in jack to RCA plug cable to plug my guitar into my Behringer UCA222 USB interface, into iPad via Apple Camera Connector (which I also already had). Works great! I had tried before and was disappointed but that was using a cheap cable and several adapters to get the right connectors on each end!

  • Heads-up for the guitarists out there -- MIDImorphosis is now live for Audiobus, and is $2 for the intro weekend. I've tried a wide range of guitar interfaces, and so far everything has worked without a hitch, but I'm sure something out there will be weird -- so if one of you spots something, please let me know and I'll try to fix it!

    For the app, I recommend dock-based adapters rather than things through the headphone jack -- there's crosstalk problems and frequency roll-off. Anyway, if guitar-to-midi is something you'd be in to, check it out, and let me know if you've got questions!

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    Apogee needs to step it up. The Apogee Jam isn't quite the no brainer it used to be with the iRig HD and Line 6 Sonic Port out now. If the Sonic Port supported Mac I would've ditched the Apogee Jam already.

    Anyway. Does anyone know of any good short/light weight yet high quality guitar cables?

  • Thought I'd post this here for the guitar players. There's a separate thread for MIDImorphosis, so if you've got questions, that would be the place to go. Anyway, version 1.5 has been released, and should be migrating to the Apple servers now. A bit of a price drop for the release as well. New in this version is mono pitch bend, a bit better handling of chords, and a low CPU mode so that it plays nice with other apps (like, for example, Progression, a tablature app for the iPad). Here's a new video:

    I'll put together a video showing how to use the app with GuitarPro on a desktop (the iPad version doesn't really support editing tabs). I'll also post a video showing the off-line processing; you can import audio files, convert them, and then export MIDI.

  • I have found a really inexpensive Behringer UCA 202 to be a great device for getting guitars into Amplitube. I'm sure the impedances are not matched as well as they could be, but it's only £25 and is a great stereo USB in/out device. You do need to hand-wire or otherwise obtain an RCA to phono cable though.

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